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play in your free time American impressionist painter Carl William Peters (1897-1980) was masterful at capturing the beauty of winter in his native upstate New York. This work, among others, will be featured in a celebration of winter at Janus Galleries. Book Club Quick reads that could save your life The Ultimate Storm Survival Handbook By Warren Faidley When tornado sirens scream or a blizzard blows through, be prepared thanks to this handbook and its step-by-step action plans for all that Mother Nature dishes out. Published by Rutledge Hill Press, $13 Art Throb Welcoming winter! by Pete Lundberg Happy November, dear readers. Yes, I know many of you are grumbling about the season to come, but I have always believed that attitude is everything. From a recent informal poll I've found that most of us ac- cept winter, but could do without March. Still, I have clients who won't even con- sider owning a winter landscape. What a pity, because they are missing some of the best and most beautiful paintings around. It takes careful observation to see the col- ors of winter. If you look at a fresh blanket of snow on a sunny day, you see white and not much else. But artists have the ability, and perhaps the responsibility, to make things more interesting using exaggerated colors on the canvas. Monet said he didn't really paint an object itself—he painted the light and atmosphere around the object. To that end, I offer this winterscape by noted painter Carl William Peters to cheer you up. Even in his 80s, Peters would drag canvases for miles in rural New York, set- ting up a makeshift easel outside to capture a scene before his paints froze. His brush- work is amazing and his ability to convey light and shadow is remarkable. Looking at his work, how could you not love winter? Pete Lundberg is not only an art lover but owner of Janus Galleries in Madison. The Complete Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook By Joshua Piven and David Borgenicht Survive any situation—a life-threat- ening bear attack, scary car crash or even the dreaded (though comparably tame) forgotten anniversary—with this hilarious but helpful handbook full of how-to's you'll use. Published by Chronicle Books, $25 The Unthinkable: Who Survives When Disaster Strikes—and Why By Amanda Ripley Life and death situations take on new meaning thanks to this in-depth analysis of the psychology behind disaster responses. The message? Your natural reaction could make (or break) your life. Published by Three Rivers Press, $15 50 Secrets of the World's Longest Living People By Sally Beare What's the secret to beating the odds and living a long (and healthy) life? Find out in a journey through the eating and lifestyle habits of the healthiest people around the world. Published by Da Capo Press, $16 Get crafty this month: Try your hand at glass blowing: Turn up the heat with classes at The Vinery, which is offering lessons throughout the month on transforming glass into art, including creating blown glass ornaments before the holidays commence; Stitch up something soft: Snuggle up at The Sow's Ear, Verona's cozy coffee and knitting shop, with a series of classes for any level and you'll have a scarf, sweater or hat to cuddle up in all winter; 86 BRAVA Magazine November 2011

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