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12 STiR tea & coffee industry international n a gesture of global cooperation Nestlé has shared its scientific research findings on coffee since 2010. Last year Nespresso went one step further by organizing a multi-disciplinary conference on coffee science. The half day symposium in Naples, Italy was the inaugural Nespresso Coffee Conversation. It took place Oct. 9. This gathering of top researchers shared insights on coffee quality, aroma and physical chemistry, consumer research and the botany of coffee. "Coffee is a fascinating and complex field, involving numerous scientific disciplines as well as consumer research on emotions and experience," said Britta Folmer, coffee sci- ence manager at Nestlé Nespresso SA. "Scientific knowledge applied throughout the coffee value chain is essential for creating the highest quality and new coffee experiences for the consumer. For Nespresso as a global coffee innovator, we see our Coffee Conversation as an opportunity to foster an atmosphere of openness and exchange with the wider scientific community," she said. Our main objective was to initiate discussion among people with different back- grounds in order to gain different views, she explained "We wanted to create new and more precise questions," said Folmer. "The intent was to go beyond the traditional scientific conference by bringing in unexpected experts like renowned composer and pianist, Laurent Assoulen, whose many years in the perfume industry inspired him to set fragrance notes to music. In the creation of both music and perfume, a harmonious composition should be surprising without being overbearing – a value that applies to premium coffee blends as well, Assoulen told the group. "It was an experiment for all of us to put together an event with academics from different disciplines and people from the industry," said Folmer. The event clearly showed how much more we can learn in our research by breaking the boundaries, she added. Nespresso Coffee Conversation I Philippe Darriet, Prof. David Sander, Dean Sanders, Laurent Assoulen, Geraldine Hue, Imre Blank.

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