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16 STiR tea & coffee industry international 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 Name the beverages you drank yesterday PERCENT OF POPULATION 18+ 54 46 44 41 33 33 29 14 +7pp (since 2012) +9pp (since 2012) 61 All Coee Tap water Bottled water Tea Soft drinks Milk Juice Alcohol Sports drinks/energy drinks/energy shots Brewing Method Percent of Past Day Coffee Drinkers 18+ 54% Use a Drip Brewer 29% Use Single Serve 12% Drink Instant Coffee 12% Brew Home Espresso National Coffee Association's annual National Drinking Trends Survey 2014 NEW ORLEANS, LA – Three quarters of American adults drink coffee weekly with a growing number choosing the taste of gourmet and the convenience of single serve. This year's National Coffee Association's annual Coffee Drinking Trends Survey revealed a sharp 5% rise in daily consumption of lattes and cappuccinos and similar espresso-based coffee drinks. Eighteen percent of adults chose a gourmet coffee the previous day. The annual survey also showed 35% of the population drank coffee out of home with 81% at home drinkers. More coffee is now consumed in eating places (14%) compared to 9% in 2013 and more coffee is consumed at work (up 1% to 17%) and on the commute (up 1% to 8%). Another significant trend is the rapid increase of single-serve brewers which can now be found in 15% of households. Traditional drip brew accounted for 53% of past day consumption while single-serve rose to 29%. Home espresso machines accounted for 12% of prepared coffee. The group most likely to own a single-serve brewer is aged 65+ (21%) followed by 45-54 (17%). The study revealed that 25% of those who know about single-serve brewers and do not currently own one, say they "will definitely or probably buy one in the next six months." The single most important reason to purchase a single-cup brewer according to respondents is that it "makes a better tasting coffee than other brewing methods." In previous years convenience and word-of-mouth ranked higher but 13 of 15 respondents cited "better tasting coffee" in 2014. The number of gourmet coffee drinkers rose from 31% to 34% in the latest national sampling of 2,741 adults. The survey was conducted during late February and early March. Overall the number of coffee drinkers declined from 63% in 2013 to 61% a change attributed to several factors. NEWS Gourmet Gains By Dan Bolton

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