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STiR tea & coffee industry international 21 Bühler Food Safety Safeguard The increasingly complex defect challenges faced by food processors led the Bühler Group, a global leader in optical sorting solutions, to improve it optical sorting portfolio for coffee. Enhanced SORTEX A and SORTEX B optical sorters deliver clean and safe food that meets new safety standards thanks to Bühler innovations in feed, vision and ejection systems. In the most difficult of dry commodity food sorting applications, where the strictest levels of food quality and safety are non-negotiable, SORTEX A offers three options: DualVision™, ColorVision™ and MultiVision™. These configurations are capable of detecting and removing the subtlest of defects - in color, shape or size - that other conventional sorters cannot. Sticks, stems, stones, glass and clumps of sclerotia, a compact fungal mass are readily discarded. SORTEX B was designed for mainstream operations with a high yield of consistent quality end-product. Custom options and sizes Charith Gunawardena, head of optical sorting at Bühler, said, the SORTEX A and SORTEX B enhanced and conventional sorters help processors offer food processors the best possible sorting solutions includ- ing subtle defect detection and mycotoxin reduction, "whatever the difficulty of the application." The 150-year-old company has an installed base of more than 25,000 sorters worldwide in 140 countries. Learn more at: and visit Buher at Interpack 2014, Dusseldorf. Neuhaus Pad Coffee Grinder Neuhaus Neotec has developed a highly flexible control system to provide constant, uniform grinding necessary for the produc- tion of capsule or pad coffee. The new WMS-E roll grinder fulfills the most demanding product require- ments, even under changing batches. The new model is optimized for medium grinding capacities with maximum grinding quality and constant capacity. Apart from the motor, each roller also has its own frequency converter. As a result, each roller can be driven at its own speed: The individual control of each roll regulates the speed individu- ally, so that the fast and the slow side of the roll can be changed. Due to the flexibly adjustable grinding pressure (roll against product) an adjustment to the new product specifications is possible whenever changing the type of coffee. All parameters can be saved as a recipe for quick adjustment when changing the type. The grinder is available in two- or three-stage versions with an integrated compac- tor in a space-saving design. Learn more at and visit Neuhaus Neotec at Interpack 2014. Clear View EcoCup MISSISSAUGA, Ont. – Mot her Par ker s has int r oduced a new clear-sided recyclable pack. EcoCup is an "eco- friendly" variant of the company's RealCup. The clear EcoCup and lid showcases the tea leaves inside. Under development for three years, the capsules are compatible with Keurig K-Cup brewers. EcoCups are initially available for the Higgins & Burke tea brand in Tame Dragon, Bergamia Grey, Roaring Black, Lush Berry, Kaziranga Chai and Chamomint Moon varieties. Numi organic teas will follow this summer. EcoCup coffee capsules, leading off with the Marley Coffee brand, will be available in early 2015. "The sensory experience of the whole leaf teas, from seeing them in the EcoCup to the flavor of the brew is far beyond anything available today in single cup; it's equivalent to anything you get in specialty tea shops and cafes," said Mother Parkers vice-president of business development Bill VandenBygaart. To recycle consumers remove the top by pulling a tab and dispose of the filter and lid. The tea leaves are com- postable and the BPA-free No. 6 polystyrene cup is recyclable in about two-thirds of the municipal systems in the United States. Learn more at Pour Over Coffee Brewer CHICAGO, Ill. – Kit chenAid has int r oduced a countertop model that automatically delivers the nuanced flavors normally associated with the more labor intensive manual pour over method. The new KitchenAid Pour Over Coffee Brewer features automatic pour over brew technol- ogy that staggers water flow to optimize flavor extraction. "Manual, pour over style coffee making is a process that is becoming increasingly popular among coffee aficionados, and for a good reason," says Beth Robinson, senior brand experience manager for KitchenAid. "Our new coffee maker automatically simulates that method to extract even the most subtle flavors that make for a properly brewed cup of coffee." A boiler heats all of the water in the system tank to 200-degrees prior to its timed release. By intermittently pouring and pausing the water flow over the coffee grounds this new model extracts flavors at a more finely calibrated pace than traditional coffee makers. "Having the water at the right temperature and allowing coffee grounds to bloom and become pre-infused or saturated before brewing, mimics the manual pour over process that results in such a flavorful cup of coffee," says Robinson. The machine has medium or dark roast settings that adjust brewing temperature slightly higher or lower and an easy to read digital display to monitor Heating, Pouring, Steeping and Enjoy. Available in August, the new brewer is available in Contour Silver, Empire Red and Onyx Black at a suggested retail price of $229.99. Learn more: www. EQUIPMENT NEWS

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