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STiR tea & coffee industry international 15 flavourtech Processing Excellence The Spinning Cone Column makes it possible! www.fl √ Recover valuable tea aroma while brewing √ Continuous processing of tea slurry √ 25 second residence time √ Select YOUR preferred fl avour profi le Defendants presented three affirmative defens- es, each of which will be ruled upon in the bench trial. Of these, one highlights epistemological questions that food and beverage scientists con- tinue to grapple with: What research methods are best to determine whether regular coffee drinkers are at higher risk for cancer from the acrylamide in brewed coffee? What level of exposure can be considered safe and why? As expert testimony in the case was conclud- ing, OEHHA published a request for public input on several topics related to these questions. During the 60-day comment period, the National Coffee Association joined more than 75 other trade and industry organizations in raising concerns about the latest developments in how Proposition 65 is being enforced and how the agency will determine what level of acrylamide exposure is risky. Best protection? Consumer education Testimony in the "CERT versus Starbucks, et al" case ended in September 2014. A ruling is expected soon. Most legal analysts predict that however the superior court judge rules the losing side will ap- peal. In spite of possible changes to how OEHHA enforces the law, all this legal wrangling will leave open the possibility of being sued under Prop 65 for some time to come. Belliveau reported his clients are not seeing a reduction in coffee consumption. Elliott Smith of El Cerrito, Calif., moved there last fall. Before he relocated, he and his friends in Washington State joked about Prop 65 labels, saying, "Well, we're not in California, so I guess it causes cancer in San Francisco and LA, but not Seattle?" His reaction is typical. Seeing the warning has not deterred Smith from his usual order of a "Grande Drip" at Starbucks. Still, with the possibility that more specific warnings may soon be required, Belliveau suggests coffee companies, "…be knowledgeable of Prop 65 and educate employees to speak intelligently about it and not to ignore it." Photo courtesy Richard Johnstone NEWS

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