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Over 135 years ago, we set ourselves on an ever accelerating course that has kept us at the forefront of the global marketplace. We have continually delivered a vast diversity of teas, fruits, herbs and their extracts, produced and refined in-house. Offering our customers the convenience of a one-stop-shop broadens our scope of innovative product development and turnkey manufacturing, from customized recipes to the package on store shelves. The sound base of all our activities is the safe and reliable sourcing of raw materials. We set the bar no lower than the very highest quality control standards, supervised by the most experienced tea experts. Thanks to all this, we have become what we've always endeavored to be: the leading quality partner for quality brands. T h e w o r l d o f tea un d e r o n e r o o f Tea . Specialty Tea . Herbs . Fruits . Tea Extracts . Flavouring . Blending . Packaging . Private Label . Quality Management Something special we can add to your tea business: dynamics.

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