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Picture: J. C. F. Ellerbrock (By the way, the year Albert Einstein was born.) Start-up mentality since 1879. 1879 was a good year for innovation. It was the year a man called Albert Einstein was born, who changed the world of science. It was also the year that two gentlemen named Hälssen and Lyon launched a company that still influences global tea consumption habits today. Not long after, their partner – and later sole owner – J. C. F. Ellerbrock intensified this start-up mentality and went on to have the same effect on the global market as a spoon stirring tea in a teacup. New streams and new possibilities sprang to life – both then and today – giving rise to a dynamic as fascinating as 'The Tea Leaf Paradox'. Which, by the way, was discovered by Albert Einstein. T h e w o r l d o f tea un d e r o n e r o o f

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