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82 COMMERCIAL CARRIER JOURNAL | MAY 2015 PR ODUC TS Stemco's service tools The Stemco Equipment line of service tools and maintenance equipment in- cludes the Stemco Equipment truck alignment system, wheel balancer, power press and Axle Pro Equipment system. The truck alignment system is de- signed to provide alignment measurements in less than three minutes through a wireless Bluetooth data connection without requiring an alignment bay. The wheel balancer features the company's TouchSpin Technology designed to make wheel balancing simpler, safer, quicker and more accurate. The power press can be used for replacing bushings and bearings and performing other shop tasks, while the APE system uses presized and prehardened sleeves and a bushing design to help resize and enhance worn and out-of-round axle eyes. Stemco, N E W Holland's landing gear Holland's Atlas FastGear landing gear is engineered to provide a speed of 1.8 turns per inch of travel in high gear for faster cranks to the ground. Two models are offered: Atlas FastGear, weighing 156 pounds with a 140,000-pound load capacity and a 27,000-pound side-load capacity; and Atlas FastGear HD, weighing 182 pounds with a 170,000-pound load capacity and a 34,000-pound side-load capacity. Both feature Holland's proprietary NoLube technology that uses a sealed grease tube that surrounds the elevating screw and coats it when the leg is raised or lowered. The com - pany's FloatingNut technology is designed to protect the elevating screw and threads from damage during excessive side loading, while its Twin-Bulkhead is placed above and below the FloatingNut to help increase structur - al resistance to side-load force when the landing gear leg is extended. Atlas FastGear comes standard with a RCF removable cush- ion foot or an optional low-profile RCF. SAF-Holland, Double Coin's mixed-service tire Double Coin's RR706 mixed-service all-position truck tire is suited for the construc- tion, waste and refuse indus- tries. The tire, available initially in size 12R24.5, has a durable casing and tread compounds engineered to help withstand high-scrub environments. Also planned are sizes 11R22.5, 11R24.5 and 315/80R22.5 with a 10,000-pound single-tire load capacity. Double Coin/CMA,

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