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Powersports Business - May 25, 2015

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BMW Motorrad and Alpinestars announced that they are starting an exclusive cooperation in innovative motorcycle safety clothing sys- tems. The first product to be launched under this cooperation will be a BMW Motorrad jacket jointly developed by BMW Motorrad and Alpinestars, combined with an airbag waistcoat developed using Alpinestars technology. The new BMW Motorrad jacket, being branded by both makers, will be available in both male and female versions, and the public presentation of this newly developed airbag jacket will be held later this year. The airbag waistcoat is based on Alpin- estars' Tech-Air airbag system, the world's first self-contained street airbag system that independently functions without the need for sensors to be installed on the bike and the subsequent need to link a specific motorcycle to the airbag system used by the rider. This means that the airbag waistcoat offers the freedom to ride any bike on any surface at any time and can be used with any type of BMW Motorrad motorcycle or scooter, allow- ing the rider to easily switch between bikes without reconfiguring or reinitializing the bike-to-rider setup. Therefore, the system is immediately ready for use, and no time is wasted in setting up electronic pairing between rider and/or passenger and motorcycle. This BMW Motor- rad/Alpinestars jacket and airbag waistcoat offers comprehensive upper body protection including shoulders, back and frontal torso. By incorporating its sensors close to the rid- er's body, the airbag system activates without the need for a triggering wireless signal to be sent from the bike. BMW Motorrad is the only motorcycle manufacturer to have developed a complete range of rider equipment ever since the 1970s, from motorcycle helmets to rider suits, boots and gloves. In doing so, high prior- ity is attached to maximum comfort for the rider and passenger as well as minimizing the potential consequences of accidents. DEI POWERSPORTS UNVEILS MOTORCYCLE FUEL TANK COVER DEI's new motorcycle fuel tank cover (MSRP $69.95) reflects up to 90 percent of the sun's heat away from the fuel tank to help keep the fuel temperature stable. Just as racers are known to use tire warmers to maintain tire temperatures between race sessions, in motorcycle racing it is equally important to maintain stable fuel temps for maximum horsepower. Hot fuel not only reduces horsepower potential by making combustion less efficient, but it greatly increases fuel pump stress and can cause vapor lock. Most race fuel manufacturers highly recommend keeping fuel cool for maximum performance. DEI's slip-on, one-size-fits-all fuel tank cover is made of 2mm felt-backed Mylar material. The cover can be installed or removed in seconds and will not scratch or harm the fuel tank. DIGEST www.PowersportsBusiness.com MOTORCYCLE Powersports Business • May 25, 2015 • 31 on a trip (I had already used it when I ran out in Utah!). I got to pay it forward one day, when I came upon a guy pushing his bike. I suspect he, too, paid it forward. As Nan and I returned home we realized we didn't know any of our motorcycle friends that would not have done the same thing, and that makes me pretty proud of our fraternity. It is a special thing we share, and frankly, the rest of the folk could learn something about how to treat each other. So I thank all of you for being cool. There is a little Fonzie, a little Jim Bronson, a bit of Steve McQueen in us all, and the next time we pass, if you throw the H-D two wheels down, and I toss back the two up for peace or even Rocket's wild wave, ride easy friend, you're not alone. PSB Tim Woodsome and his wife, Nan, are owners of Cruisin' 66, a Victory, Motus, Royal Enfield and Ural dealer in Ozark, Mo. WOODSOME CONTINUED FROM PAGE 30 Alpinestars technology headed to BMW Motorrad riding jackets DEI's new motorcycle fuel tank cover reflects up to 90 percent of the sun's heat away from the fuel tank. See Digest, Page 39

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