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June 2015

Water Well Journal

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A ndrews & Foster, a family-owned water well drilling company in Athens, Texas, reminds its employees to be aware of others on the road when they're securing their equipment and tools. Because proper load securement isn't just the law—it makes the roads safer for everyone. "Everybody in our company knows what we mean when we say it," says Dustin Kinder, general manager for Andrews & Foster. "We don't want to be put in a position where we didn't do everything we could to prevent other drivers from getting hurt. But it's not just other drivers who could be harmed if equipment isn't tied down correctly. An improperly secured load is dangerous for your driver, too. "When you hit those brakes and feel yourself coming forward in the seat belt, your load is doing the same thing; it's coming forward," says Jim Wright, safety director for National Exploration, Wells and Pumps in Shawnee, Kansas. "So when you're carrying things like drill pipe, casing, or anything that can slide easily when you hit the brakes, it can come through the cab of the truck and kill the driver." Even without injuries, mistakes are costly. Roadside viola- tions often result in tickets and fines for the driver and the company. Worse yet, if a piece of equipment comes loose during transport or falls off the truck, it could damage the equipment or cause costly property damage. It's everyone's responsibility to make sure loads are prop- erly secured. Here's what you need to know to keep everyone safe and in compliance with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration's (FMCSA) cargo securement rules. What compliance officers look for When you go through a weigh scale or you get pulled over, officers are looking for the: • Number of tiedowns needed • Type of tiedowns used and their ratings IS YOUR EQUIPMENT SECURE? How to know the number of tiedowns you need. By Jennifer Strawn TIEDOWNS continues on page 28 Twitter @WaterWellJournl WWJ June 2015 27 (COVER STORY)

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