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June 2015

Water Well Journal

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The Water Expo, Spring Edition: Serving Irrigation and Groundwater Miami, Florida. www.thewaterexpo.com AWWA ACE15 Anaheim, California. www.awwa.org 2015 UCOWR Conference—Water Is Not for Gambling: Utilizing Science to Reduce Uncertainty Las Vegas, Nevada. http://ucowr.org/conferences Environmental Well Technology Field Experience Westerville, Ohio. (800) 551-7379, fax (614) 898- 7786, customerservice@ngwa.org, www.NGWA.org The day's activities and demonstrations are designed to familiarize you with the tools and techniques necessary to install monitoring wells. Ohio Groundwater Forum Westerville, Ohio. (800) 551-7379, fax (614) 898-7786, customerservice@ngwa.org, www.NGWA.org This one-day forum is being designed to focus on research and practical solutions to groundwater issues currently affecting Ohio. Empire State Water Well Drillers Association Summer Meeting Seneca Falls, New York. www.nywelldriller.org/news.asp 2015 South Atlantic Jubilee Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. www.jubileewatershow.com 70th Annual Soil and Water Conservation Society Con- ference Greensboro, North Carolina. www.swcs.org World Water Week Stockholm, Sweden. www.worldwaterweek.org Protect Your Groundwater Day (800) 551-7379, fax (614) 898-7786, customerservice@ngwa.org, www.NGWA.org The Water Expo, Fall Edition: Serving Water Quality, Water Supply, and Wastewater Miami, Florida. www.thewaterexpo.com NGWA Upper Great Plains Groundwater Conference Cheyenne, Wyoming.(800) 551- 7379, fax (614) 898-7786, customerservice@ngwa.org, www.NGWA.org Gain insight on groundwater issues such as availability and quality, water scarcity, and low recharge rates being encountered in the Upper Great Plains. New Mexico Ground Water Association Fall Blitz— CEU Classes, Golf Tournament, Fundraiser Dinner Las Cruces, New Mexico. www.nmgwa.org Georgia Association of Groundwater Professionals Well Show and Trade Exhibition Savannah, Georgia. https://gagwp.wildapricot.org/event-1827805 2015 NGWA Conference on Groundwater in Fractured Rock Burlington, Vermont. (800) 551-7379, fax (614) 898-7786, customerservice@ngwa.org, www.NGWA.org/FracRock Receive a synopsis on the use of innovative techniques, cutting- edge research, and lessons learned from practical experience regarding characterizing and remediating groundwater in fractured rock environments. Coming EVENTS July 17–18 July 25–27 June 24 June 18 July 26–29 August 23–28 September 8 September 25 September 26 September 15–16 September 22–23 September 28–29 June 2–3 June 7–10 June 16–18 86 June 2015 WWJ waterwelljournal.com the DR can drill without fluids the DR can drill without fluids el, glacial till, and boulder v a gra e bee v t DR drills ha emos or F w er in lo er in lo t a t w t w ec ec t o de o de y t y t s the abilit s, the abilit es the li thod minimiz he DR me s. T r edly in some of t t epea en r v o en pro ed ed. v o tions is impr tions is impro orma orma w f w f -flo flo w tion and aqu cula s cir elihood of los k erb v ed o t onsolida t unc oughes he t tion. Because tamina on s-c os er cro uif tions, including sand orma den f bur e d, o drill. Canada ( 1.9190 .66 1.800 or call fo , visit e o learn mor To y t a er w t t be ti oduc o the pro tributions t on c s Dual ' t emos or , F 9 7 e 19 Sinc s orldwi (W 5.5800 3.29 1.40 .S.A.) a/U DR ca/ t. emos or or t a y of opera ofitabilit y and pr ivit ed on the ere e deliv v otary drills ha R y , wing numbe Eng DE ) de o or a gro . F orldwide w . e ormanc er perf t t omise of be e pr p s simply no try e indus c esour or the r ed solutions f ineer ESIGN. BUILD. PERFORM. e' ther s, or t ac tra on er of c e significan o mak tinue t on y c he T o . y . t

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