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MANAGEMENT a different approach to winemaking than men? And along those same lines, do they taste wine different- ly? Do they sell wine from another perspective, and for that matter, is the female approach to buying or even drinking wine different from the male's? I've got my own theories, of course, but I wanted to find out how other women in the wine business feel about the subject. And who better to ask than the extraordinarily qualified women judges at the International Wom- en's Wine Competition? Hosted by Vineyard & Winery Manage- ment, the competition featuring all female judges was held Nov. 1-2 in Healdsburg, Calif. SENSITIVE TYPES Julie Brosterman knows a lot Female Wine-ing Do women taste, buy and sell wine differently from their male counterparts? By Marguerite Thomas, Eastern correspondent wenty years ago, when I proposed writ- ing an article for a major wine magazine about women winemakers, the editor made little effort to conceal his con- tempt. "Are you trying to tell me that women make wine differently than men? Don't be ridiculous," he scoffed. Actually, I wasn't trying to tell him anything, I was merely suggesting that this might be an idea worth exploring. But the discussion was clearly over before it began. While I was disappointed in his reac- tion, I have to admit that his question is a legitimate one even today. Do women have 126 VINEYARD & WINERY MANAGEMENT JAN - FEB 2012 about women. As founder and CEO of Women & Wine, an organization which – among its other activities – creates online and offline events for consumers and trade, she's had ample oppor tuni ty to observe the way people of both genders approach wine. "Women tend to be more curi- ous about things. They like the story behind a wine and mak- ing a connection to where it's from," Brosterman said. Wom- en's sense of smell, she added, is more highly developed than that of men. AT A GLANCE Female wine professionals weighed in on the differences between the genders in their approaches to wine. Women like to hear the stories behind the wines they drink. Studies have shown that women have more sensitive palates than men. Some wineries go too far when trying to market products to women. WWW.VWM-ONLINE.COM

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