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22 STiR tea & coffee industry international / Issue 3, 2015 (June/July) Coffee Report: Jenny Neill AUSTRIA Nespresso Café Opens Nespresso, in partnership with DO&CO, a premium international cater- ing company, has opened its pilot Nespresso Café in Mariahilferstrasse, the Vienna shopping district named for the street it occupies. The district's layout and classical architecture dates to the 1800s, providing customers at this experimental location consumer gourmet coffee and take-away foods. "The Nespresso Café is the latest in our pipeline of retail and service innovations. Not only can consumers indulge in the Nespresso experience, they will also be able to purchase our Grand Cru coffees through our auto- mated boutique, the Nespresso Cube," said Jean-Marc Duvoisin, c.e.o. of Nestlé Nespresso SA. On the menu are salads, macaroons, and pastries, specially created for the Nespresso Café and tailored to each time of the day. This location boasts a range of more than 20 permanent and seasonal coffee recipes prepared by skilled baristas. BURUNDI Political unrest widespread Protests continue after President Pierre Nkurunziza made known his intent to run for a third term. Those who oppose this move consider it to be unconstitu- tional, though the president's supporters believe he has a right to re-election through "direct suffrage." The international media are report- ing that thousands are fleeing the country, and that as many as six people have died while more than 150 have been arrested. Social media messaging and independent radio have been blocked in an attempt by the govern- ment to control the situation, according to a BBC report. Responses to the unrest are still developing. A number of outlets state that the United States is sending a "top diplomat." Media pundits have already begun asking why individual East African nations have not yet made any statements. Rwanda has taken in thousands of refugees already. It remains to be seen how this new instability will affect the coffee harvest in this region. health, agriculture, biodiversity, the environment, this is a huge opportunity because we have to make alliances with researchers from many sectors." He pursued educational opportuni- ties by earning a doctorate of philosophy in Plant Molecular Biology at the University of Manchester. He also did post-doctoral work in molecular biology, genomics, and bioinformatics at Cornell University. Cristancho intends to continue to work on coffee issues though the scope of his new role is broader. The computa- tional tools being deployed at BIOS will play a role in answering some of the more challenging questions still being asked in coffee research. Learn More: Pierre Nkurunziza Photo by Siyasanga Mbambani, Zambia Marco Cristancho Photo Courtesy of BIOS CONGO New Cupping Competition Traceable specialty grade coffees from the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) will be judged by DRC coffee cuppers and international buyers in a competition to be held for the first time in early June. Saveur du Congo, the first ever specialty coffee cupping competition in the DRC, will take place on June 2-3 in Bukavu, DRC. Beth Ann Caspersen, coffee quality manager at Equal Exchange, will be the head judge at this event. Caspersen will train cuppers according to Specialty Coffee Associa- tion of America (SCAA) global stan- dards before the competition takes place. This means judges will apply an objective, calibrated and consistent system to grade and evaluate the coffees. This competition represents a unique opportunity for both growers and international buyers to taste the specialty coffee harvest from throughout the country on one table. Saveur du Congo is organized in conjunction with Run COLOMBIA Marco Cristancho joins BIOS After spending 25 years with Cenicafé, Marco Aurelio Cristancho Ardila accepted the role of scientific director for the Center for Bioinformatics and Computational Biology Colombia (BIOS). "It is an exciting new engagement to try to foster science in Colombia," said Cristancho. "In BIOS, I will work with interdisciplinary groups in the areas of Nespresso's new café Congo coffee farm

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