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26 STiR tea & coffee industry international / Issue 3, 2015 (June/July) G By Jenny Neill iven the changing landscape of air quality standards, how do two of the larg- est coffee roasting equipment supply companies provide flexible solutions for customers? The May-June issue of STiR Tea & Coffee focused on how changing regulations and consequent application of new air quality standards may impact smaller coffee roasting operations. In Clean Burn, Part Two, STiR tackles that same issue from the perspective of how manufacturers work to provide solutions for roasters of all sizes all over the world. This time, STiR revisits emissions control via exhaust gas treatment systems from two of the biggest roasting equipment manufacturers. In a future report, STiR will delve into the challenges of dealing with emerging low and ultra-low NOx standards. German-based Probat has a long history of manufacturing roasting equipment that stretches back to the mid-19th century. Neuhaus-Neotec is a relative newcomer having been founded in 1931 as a company that produced milling equipment. Both companies have designed and made machines used in coffee roasting and processing plants for decades. With such longevity in the market comes expertise in adapting to regulatory change. Let's take a look at how each company helps customers adjust to changes in exhaust standards for roasters. Probat's modular approach Thomas Koziorowski, director of product technology/r&d at Probat, said the company designs its products and product components with modularity in mind. The rationale for this is to enable a customer to be able to change one or two parts instead of having to buy whole new systems if regulations change. Koziorowski said, "We have to [take that possibility of change into account when we] model our environmental system to give our customers the possibility to update and upgrade their systems. When the regulations have changed, [we want the roaster to have] the possibility that he only has to change one or two parts but all the other things could be used still." Clean Burn, Part Two Thomas Koziorowski, Probat Leon Heisterüber, Neuhaus-Neotec

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