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STiR tea & coffee industry international 31 www.fl flavourtech Processing Excellence Aroma Recovery Extraction Concentration Complete Process Lines Your Soluble/RTD Coffee can be the Market Leader Contact Flavourtech for your: The Roll N Blow process offers remarkable variations in bottles that are light weight, identical, inexpensive to produce and pleasing to customers. Originally for use with polystyrene, bottles can now be made of more versatile polypropylene. Bottles range from 100 ml to 500 ml and can be clear molded or a variety of colors. Photo courtesy Serac Group Marketing differentiated the many new specialty brands and freshness became im- perative. As roasted whole beans became popular the messaging got more compli- cated. Consumers became increasingly aware of both the origin and more detailed descriptions of their coffee and its characteristics. Coffee is unique in that it must be protected from oxygen while exhaling relatively large quantities of carbon dioxide cre- ated during the roasting process. Flexible packaging and the invention of the one-way degassing value by Goglio in the 1960s was a major leap forward. The less intrusive inner one-way valve patented in 1988 assisted marketers with a design that could be continuously fed into the popular Wipf/SIG and the Goglio/Fres-co style application machinery. The latest variation is the selective valve that can release or hold onto specific gases. Flexible bags continue to evolve with the latest foil bags featuring flush zip-lock closures that reseal to retain freshness. Cans can't hold a candle to the latest 40 oz flexible packaging. "Compared to cans, and even other bags, our Fres Bag has a lot of benefits," ex- plains Chris Burger, coffee market manager at Fres-co. "Our original one-way degas- sing valve better preserves the coffee's flavor while the Corner Seal technology gives the package a firm, compact feel that ships efficiently and looks great on store shelves. Combined with a widemouth opening and less expensive materials, Fres Bag offers major gains as a can replacement." Innovations in packing green coffee have also emerged with growers now utilizing a sealed inner sack like the GrainPro gastight Ultra Hermetic Super Grainbag. Some growers even vacuum seal their green coffee in 15-kilo mylar bags. Roasters recognize the significant role that packaging has in retaining the bean's cupping value. "If you package it and preserve it in a way that it is protected, then it is holding its value through that distribution channel," said Kelle Vandenberg, v.p. marketing, Pacific Bag. "Today there is such awareness and a celebration of that quality, and therefore a demand for that quality, which makes packaging the bean to preserve that quality even more critical," she said.

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