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July 2015

Water Well Journal

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AMS 9130-VTR PowerProbe Works in Tight Areas The 9130-VTR PowerProbe is AMS Inc.'s smallest track direct push rig and comes with either a diesel or propane engine. It has increased stability with optional expanding tracks. At 34 inches wide, it can fit into limited ac- cess areas between buildings, houses, tank farms, inside buildings, and gated areas. It comes with a tethered remote for the tracks and tooling storage. The optional quick mount 1000 foot-pound auger motor provides some augering capability as well. www.ams-samplers.com Sonic Drill's SDC-350 Greatly Reduces Shipping Costs Sonic Drill Corp., developer and patent holder of world-leading sonic drilling technology, demonstrates its SDC-350 sonic drill rig can fit within a 20-foot shipping container, reducing shipping costs by two-thirds. With its agile smaller size and lower price, the SDC-350 has created a buzz with buyers who previously thought a sonic drill rig was out of reach. www.sonic-drill.com Featured PRODUCTS Solinst Delivers Reliable Standpipe Piezometers Solinst's reliable Model 601 stand- pipe piezometers are designed for placement within a drilled hole to pro- vide a filtered inlet point. They are also suitable for pushing into very loose sands at the base of a borehole, stream, or tailings pond sediments. With a preformed Vyon tube set in- side a perforated PVC piezometer tip, they are excellent for metals sampling and well suited for water level moni- toring. The 601 tips connect to the sur- face with ¾-inch ID PVC riser pipe using slip-fit couplings. Piezometer tip lengths available are 6 inches and 1, 2, and 3 feet. www.solinst.com 66 July 2015 WWJ waterwelljournal.com Our DI Valve makes it a snap to pull the pump. Flomatic's Ductile Iron Check Valve in 2"– 12" sizes can be supplied with a break-off plug. If the submersible pump must be pulled from the well, a weight dropped into the well will break off the plug and leave a small drain hole in the side of the valve. The riser pipe empties quickly and the job of pulling the pump is much easier and less costly, especially in deeper settings. The plug can be replaced in a few minutes. Valves fitted with a break-off plug are a standard Flomatic item, readily available. Ask for complete information Call or write today…Flomatic Corp. 15 Pruyn's Island Drive, Glens Falls, NY 12801 Toll Free Number: 800-833-2040 www.flomatic.com AFTER BEFORE High Quality Valves Built to Last… High Quality Valves Built To Last… Brass rod "break- off plug" in place Breaking plug opens small hole in side of valve Flomatic iron check valve with break-off plug.

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