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StateWays n n July/August 2015 20 which are managed by more than 300 volunteers. The por- tal offers users the option to order free training-related ma- terials, download training completion certificates, access a training schedule and view a register of the individuals who have completed training. Although actual training must be completed in-person, Helfert says the online portal is crucial because it helps to effectively convey information to people. Development costs for the portal were minimal (approximately $40,000), and Helfert says it was definitely worth the expense. "It's very valuable for servers and sellers to be trained, and the more transparent we can be about it through this online portal, the easier it will be for licensees, servers and sellers to be in compliance with the laws," Helfert says. Launching an Educational Summit To further its commitment to providing education to its var- ious partners, the division held the state's first Alcohol Edu- cation Summit in May 2015. The free two-day event focused on the theme, "The Road to Change," and welcomed 150 people from various sectors to join together and collaborate on different issues related to alcohol education. While many specialty breakout sessions were offered, much of the con- tent presented was of relevance to everyone. "Our mission is to use this conference as a way of helping everyone understand the nature of everyone else's job," ex- plains Lisa Scates, Alcohol Education Coordinator. Summit participants included law enforcement officials, youth coalition members, judges, prevention specialists, volunteer trainers, and more. Montana is home to multiple Native American reservations, and a large tribal represen- tation participated in the summit as well. A NABCA grant covered most of the costs associated with the conference, and the agency also worked with several partners to facilitate the event, including the Missoula Police Department. At the conclusion of the summit, an awards ceremony was held to recognize community members and law enforcement per- sonnel who have recently made outstanding contributions in their field. "The event was a great opportunity for people in our community to come together and learn from each other," Helfert says. "We've seen other states successfully coordinate similar events in the past, and it was very beneficial for us." In addition to the summit, Montana's Liquor Control Divi- sion also launched a new partnership with MADD in an effort to broaden outreach efforts to parents, teaching them how to effectively talk with their children about alcohol. As master trainers for the MADD program in Montana, the division's staff members will train other people to present a 25-minute al- cohol education program to parents in different communities. The agency is also implementing a new Power of Youth pro- gram in middle schools across the state, providing the schools with educational booklets and other resources. Montana's warehouse uses a hand-held scanner system to track orders. [ PROFILE ]

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