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August 1

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2 AUGUST 2015 Good Fruit Grower No matter what challenges the year has brought so far, this is the time when KDL ® delivers an effective potassium boost to finish out the year with a great apple crop – and set strong buds to anticipate whatever winter may throw your way. Agro-K's KDL ® formulation provides the needed potassium your tree needs to maximize fruit color, size and quality. Maximize profitable characteristics. Benefits: • Maximize fruit size • More uniform color and intensity • More uniform maturity • Better sugars and flavor KDL ® is derived from potassium carbonate that has been converted to a foliar potassium with a dextrose/lactose base. KDL ® quickly penetrates plant tissue surfaces where its unique form can be metabolized and mobilized rapidly to enhance size, color, firmness and sugar. The best time to enhance fruit quality with KDL is at color break and fruit bulking. Apply 2-4 quarts/acre, 1 to 2 times. Maximize quality and profits this year. Give your apples the right potassium at the right time with Agro-K's KDL ® . Call 800-328-2418, visit, or email AGRO-K CORpORAtiOn 8030 Main Street, NE • Minneapolis, MN 55432 800-328-2418 • © 2012 Agro-K Corporation KDL and Dextro-Lac are registered trademarks of Agro-K Corporation. KDL ® 0-0-24 It's KDL ® Time Finish Your Crop Right Make a Difference You'll See at Harvest and Next Year Science-Driven Nutrition SM S Y S S T E M ™ S E R I E S

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