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August 1

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6 AUGUST 2015 Good Fruit Grower Schlect appointed to USDA committee C hris Schlect, president of the Northwest Horticultural Council, has been reappointed to the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Agricultural Policy Advisory Committee. He is the sole person on the 34-member committee specifically representing the tree fruit industry. Other appointees include Laura Batcha of the Organic Trade Association and Tom Stenzel of the United Fresh Produce Association. Two tree fruit represen- tatives have been appointed to the USDA's Agricultural T e c h n i c a l A d v i s o r y Committee for Trade in Fruits and Vegetables: Richard Hudgins of the California Canning Peach Association and Marcy Martin of the California Fresh Fruit Association. The other 13 members include Robert Guenther of United Fresh. Committee members will serve for four years. The U.S. Congress established the Agricultural Policy Advisory Committee and six Agricultural Technical Advisory Committees in 1974 to allow private-sector input in establishing U.S. agricultural trade policy objectives. N.J. peach grower honored T he New Jersey Peach Promotion Council has ded- icated its 2015 Buyer's Guide to Dan Haynicz, for- mer owner of Haynicz Bros. Orchards in Monroeville, Gloucester County, to recognize his contributions and leadership to the industry and community. The guide covers storage and han- dling, hydrocooling, and quality grading of peach and nectarine varieties. It also gives dates of availabil- ity and lists grower-packers. Haynicz and his wife, Elinor, began their fruit and vegetable operation in 1945. They started grow- ing peaches in 1952 and later expanded into direct marketing. Haynicz served as director of the New Jersey Peach Promotion Council and the National Peach Council. In 1999, he received the Distinguished Service to Agriculture Award from the Gloucester County Board of Agriculture and in 2001 was named Outstanding Fruit Grower by the New Jersey Horticultural Society. New Jersey is the fourth-largest peach producing state (behind California, South Carolina, and Georgia) with about 80 orchards and 5,500 acres. Diana Fruit president retires E ugene Acronico has retired from Diana Fruit Company, Inc., after 41 years as president. Diana Fruit, based in Santa Clara, California, has been a man- ufacturer and supplier of fruit cocktail and maraschino cherries for 94 years. Acronico, grandson of the founder, joined the family business in 1957 after leaving General Electric, where he was a nuclear engineer. In the Box Write us at 105 S. 18th Street, #217, Yakima, WA 98901 or email How big is the market? D ear Editor: Your article on club apple varieties ("Expect a Variety Shakeout," Good Fruit Grower, June 2015) was good to read. Growers need to plant new varieties that pay enough for the high establishment cost of an apple orchard. As far as the future number of apple varieties we will see on the market, I always think of this quote: "I think there is a world market for about five computers." —Thomas J. Watson, Chair of the board of IBM, 1943 Sincerely, James Calissi President, Calissi Farms Inc. Kelowna, British Columbia QuIck BItes People and industry in the news. Read more Fresh Updates at Chris Schlect Rutgers Agricultural Agent Hemant Gohil (left), examines the peach guide with honoree Dan Haynicz.

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