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40 tobaccoasia Cerulean, the UK-based manufacturer of testing equipment, entered the e-cigarette testing business recently with the launch of its vapor generation machine CETI8 (short for Cerulean e-cigarette testing instrument). The company identified what it saw as a gap in the market, its position being that because the characterization of deliveries by e-cigarettes is still in its infancy, specialized instrumentation to test the vapor quantity and composition has not been easily available. "The vast array of e-cigarette devices proved a challenge for the designers. It was met by using the latest 3D printing technology" But there are problems with this approach. First, there is the inherent high cost of a smok- ing machine, including the specialized labora- tory space. And second, there are concerns about contamination by regular cigarettes when using a smoking machine to look for trace compounds in the inherently cleaner e-cigarette vapor. "Cerulean designed the CETI8 with a simple design brief," Ian continues. "Make it small, make it easy to use, make it flexible for e-cigarette test- ing. And make it at a sales price at least a third of a conventional smoking machine." The first prototype was shown to potential users at TSRC in Colonial Williamsburg in Sep- tember and after what Tindall calls "overwhelm- ing customer feedback", some changes were made to increase the utility of the design. "Needless to say the design brief was met and even exceeded in some areas." As the CETI8 is a bench top mounted unit it no longer has to reside in the smoke lab, avoiding accidental contamination. And, as it is used only for e-cigarettes, the vapor paths are pristine when delivered. New Generation E-Cig Tests Make it Small, Cheap and Easy to Use "Much of the published research on how much, and what, is being delivered in the vapor of e-cigarettes has been carried out using well estab- lished smoking machines," says Cerulean technical director Ian Tindall. Above: The single puff engine delivery is cycled around eight individual ports BY Mike Phillips

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