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42 tobaccoasia The anticipated EU Tobacco Products Direc- tive (TPD), which was hammered out recently between the European Commission, Parliament and Council, has been criticized by the cigarette industry. The new measures are amendments to the existing directive, and bring in a new raft of controls. They are touted to be ratified "by May" and enforced this year. market: flavored cigarettes, perfume-style packag- es, which are particularly designed to attract young girls into smoking, and we will get big picture warnings on cigarettes and roll your own tobacco. "We know that it is children, not adults, who start smoking. And despite the downward trend in adult smoker numbers in most member states, World Health Organization figures show worrying upward trends in young smoker numbers in some member states." On releasing the new measures, an EU state- ment declared that, "Over the years, measures tak- en to discourage smoking have helped to reduce the proportion of EU citizens who smoke from 40% in the EU15 in 2002 to 28% in the EU 27 in 2012. EU Health Committee chair Matthias Groote said, "The next step is for this preliminary agree- ment to be formally approved in Council, and in Parliament. It is close to our original position vot- ed in October. We have a balanced text, which can deliver on its key objective: banning misleading flavors and products, and deter young people from smok- Winds of Change The EU Targeted For New Control Directive "Many of the measures of the revised TPD are disproportionate and are a threat to the internal market" European Union MP Linda McAvan, who was in charge of leading negotiations, said, "The key aim of the new law is to stop tobacco companies recruiting a new generation of smokers by launch- ing gimmicky products aimed at young people. Some of those products will disappear from the Above: the EU parliament in session Staff Report

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