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46 tobaccoasia The Korean company YM Tech recently entered the cigarette and filter quality tester market with a new product, the KARDIEN test station (www. YM Tech was established by a group of re- searchers from the Korean tobacco company KT&G, which has a 115-year history and produc- es its own popular cigarette brand, Esse. Tech president Seung Jae Lee says, "We are plan- ning to advance into the overseas markets with KARDIEN, starting at the ProTobEx exhibition held in Bali, Indonesia in February." Modules on the new test station include weight; circumference, diameter and roundness; plus pressure drop and ventilation; and hardness. There is also a sorter, which can measure the phys- ical properties of cigarette and filter. "All modules are manufactured based on ISO standards, and the measured data has high levels of accuracy and credibility," Lee continues. The company constructed the test station with two distinctive features in order to make it user- friendly. "An important aspect of the new test sta- tion was easy and low cost maintenance. We also wanted to avoid the problem of sticking during operation," Lee explains. Firstly, they took on board that existing quality testers have to be dissembled for maintenance and repair, and have intricate structures that can make them difficult to clean inside. "We came up with a new design to minimize components that require replacement. Therefore, complex maintenance work is not required" Beyond Borders Korean Quality Tester Expands to the World Above: The cigarette weight module on the KARDIEN test station The new quality measuring machine launched in Korea in June, 2013 following several years of r&d, and is now looking to expand globally. YM Staff Report

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