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tobaccoasia 47 excellence in innovative performance CETI 8- The low cost test solution e-Cigarettes have been waiting for Cerulean Rockingham Drive, Linford Wood East, Milton Keynes, MK14 6LY, England, UK Telephone: +44 1908 233833 Fax: +44 1908 235333 E-mail: As a long standing and trusted supplier to the tobacco industry, Cerulean have introduced the testing instrument that everyone has been waiting for- the CETI 8. The Cerulean e-Cigarette Testing Instrument 8 is a targeted, low cost alternative to the linear smoking machine and offers you the ability to choose from a range of puffing routines to establish delivery from various e-Cigarette devices. Your wait is over - contact us now for more information. • Smoking up to 8 e-Cigarettes • Fixed puff operation • "Easy Clean" puff ports • ISO and square profiles • 10.4 inch TFT LCD touchscreen Cerulean CETI-8 178x124:cerulean mc2 ad aw2 210x127.qxd 22/1/14 10:58 Page 1 "We came up with a new design to minimize the number of components that have to be replaced. Therefore, complex maintenance work is not re- quired. In addition, the measuring parts and component parts are completely separate in order to prevent cigarette fillers or foreign substances from con- taminating electronic components during the measuring process. "The result is that cleaning is much easier – blowing one's breath would be enough to clean the inside – and the tester rarely sticks, which helps to minimize any interruption to the measuring process." Lee says the new test station has introduced improvements "in every as- pect" that users might feel inconvenient while using existing quality testers. "Since it's based on MS Windows, its HMI [human machine interface] is very user-friendly," he continues. "The only thing the user has to do is select a physical item to measure on the touch panel. Once the measurement is done, the result can be printed out right away. It can also be saved as an Excel file, so data can be transferred to an external storage device or sent out via net- work communications." YM Tech also wanted to keep the product sales price low and measure- ment speed fast. "The KARDIEN uses programmable logic controller to de- crease the number of components inside. Therefore, one of its strong points is faster measurement of physical properties by 18% compared to existing testers," Lee claims. In cases where one of the modules is not used for a period of time, it is possible to remove it and replace with another. "Since the machine automati- cally acknowledges the composition, the user can continue using the machine with no interruption." YM-Tech has already supplied the test station to manufacturing factories of KT&G and Korean filter manufacturing companies. "This year it will be equipped with a portfolio of 18 products, including a capsule detecting unit and a capsule crushing strength tester," Lee says. The KARDIEN test station. The product slogan is S.A.F.E.(simple, accurate, fast, economical)

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