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22 tobaccoasia TOBACCO PRODUCTS 产品新闻 NETHERLANDS New E-Cigarette Speakerphone Leading e-cigarette manufacturer SupersmokerClub has introduced the world's first e-cigarette with Bluetooth functionality in its latest product, the Supersmoker Bluetooth. The Supersmoker Bluetooth has a Bluetooth device embedded in it, allowing smokers to make and receive phone calls and even listen to music on top of enjoying smoking. Retailing at US$110, the Supersmoker Bluetooth is compatible with any Android or iOS device, or a tablet as it is compatible with all Bluetooth devices and software. Operating the Supersmoker Blue- tooth is simple. Activating the device is done by just pressing a button. When there is an incoming call, the device will make a noise and vibrate. The smoker will just have to press a button and he can answer the call via the built-in microphone. To listen to music, the smoker would just have to choose the track from the playlist and press play. Volume can be controlled using buttons on the Supersmoker Bluetooth itself. It is also possible to advance through a playlist using the same buttons. If the smoker receives a call while listening to music, it will automatically stop so that he can take the call. Once he has finished the call, the music will continue. Turning off the battery while not smoking will not turn off the Bluetooth speakerphone device. EU EU Parliament to Regulate E-Cigarettes: Good or Bad? The EU Parliament's move in approving regulations on the region's fast-growing e-cigarette market has been seen as both a positive move that could serve as a benchmark for standards around the world, as well as a strike against public health on the grounds that e-cigarettes can help people stop smoking. Regulation of e-cigarettes has proven to be a divisive issue within the policy- making bodies of the EU as well as the medical community. E-cigarettes deliver nicotine via a vapor, without the tar and other chemicals found in regular cigarettes, leading some to believe that e-cigarettes are effective in helping smokers to quit. Starting in mid-2016, advertising for e-cigarettes would be banned in the 28 nations of the EU. Other regulations include graphic health warnings, being childproof, and having no more than 20 milligrams of nicotine per milliliter, similar to ordinary cigarettes. However, the new rules will not regulate e-cigarettes as medicines, which would have moved them out of the specialty shops where they are currently sold into drugstores, where they would have had to follow the same regulations as pharmaceuticals. The European Commission had originally called for a much tougher line on e-cigarettes, with the backing of the 28 member states. However, in October 2013, the Parliament voted to keep the products regulated as tobacco, after intense lobbying from the tobacco industry and tens of thousands of people who smoke e-cigarettes. In addition to the regulations on e-cigarettes, the new rules will also require that the top 65% of all cigarette packs be covered with health warnings and graphic pictures. All tobacco products specifically targeted at children, such as chocolate cigarettes and cigarettes that come in packages designed to look like lipstick or perfume containers, as well as menthol cigarettes will also be banned. GREECE E-Cigarettes Satisfying Substitutes A clinical trial at the Onassis Cardiac Surgery Center in Kallithea Greece has proven that e-cigarettes are satisfying substitutes for traditional cigarettes as they deliver nicotine, reduce cravings and are found satisfying by vapers. Researchers led by Konstantinos Farsalinos recruited 23 experienced vapers, all of whom were former cigarette smokers, to compare a small e-cigarette (also called a ciga-lite) and a more advanced model on two separate days. The participants abstained from e-cigarettes, caffeine and alcohol for eight hours prior to each trial session. During the sessions, participants took 10 puffs during the first five minutes and puffed ad lib for the next hour thereafter. Results from the trial sessions showed that the advanced e-cigarette models delivered approximately 50-70% more nicotine than ciga-lites throughout the trial with peak blood nicotine levels, occurring at the end of the session, at 23 nanograms per ml for the advanced model and 16 nanograms per ml for the ciga-lites. EASTERN COMPANY PROFILE Eastern Company S.A.E. is an Egyptian Joint-Stock Company and a subsidiary of Chemical Industries Holding Company. The company was founded in July 1920 and is considered the largest tobacco industry company in the Middle East. The company develops its own brands of tobacco products such as cigarettes, water pipe tobacco, molasses, cigars, and pipe tobacco by launching new varieties of these products with new specifications, different flavors and new packages to satisfy customer demand all over the world, since the company's products contain the finest tobacco and the highest quality ingredients. Its innovation does not stop there. Eastern Company S.A.E. is always breaking new ground developing its production lines in order to catch up and implement the advanced technologies that help the company diversify its products, expand its market share and compete with international companies on equal footing. The company exports its own brands of tobacco products to different countries worldwide, in addition to manufacturing foreign brands of cigarettes (under license from international companies) such as Marlboro, Rothmans, and others. It is the only enterprise that has the right to manufacture any cigarettes and/or molasses tobacco (shisha tobacco) under the Cleopatra or Salloum trademark anywhere in the world.

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