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26 tobaccoasia By Nattira Medvedeva THAILAND Thailand's sole manufacturer and distributor of tobacco, the Thailand Tobacco Monopoly (TTM), reported an outstanding performance in the 2013 fiscal year with net revenue of THB70.18 billion (US$ 2.19 billion), 11.33% higher than 2012's net revenue of THB63.04 billion (US$1.97 billion), and net profit of THB7.48 billion, 12.31% higher than 2012's net profit of THB6.66 billion. A state enterprise under the Ministry of Finance, TTM re- distributes its revenue in the form of taxes paid to the government. In 2013, TTM's tax contribution was at THB61.75 billion. Cigarette production by TTM in 2013 was at 33.88 billion sticks. This number comprised both filter and non-filter cigarettes. TTM produced 20 brands of filter cigarettes, which accounted for 32.86 billion sticks. These 20 brands were configu- rations of Krongthip, Falling Rain, Gold City, Samit, Royal Standard, Wonder, SMS, Connex, and Goal. TTM's three brands of non-filter cigarettes, which accounted for 11.42 million sticks, were Kled Thong 33, The Moon 33, and Gold City 33. Domestically, TTM sold 18 brands of ciga- rettes, totaling 33.07 billion sticks or THB77.66 billion, an increase in sales volume and value of 1.44% and 10.43% respectively from 2012. TTM's best-sellers were various iterations of Krongthip, SMS, Wonder, and SMS. Sales of SMS (Red), Won- der American, Wonder Menthol, and SMS (Green) in- creased by 31.42%, 1.35%, 0.48%, and 29.43% respectively from 2012, while the sales of Krongthip 90 decreased by 11.51%. "Our sales volume has grown consistently largely due to the loyalty domestic consumers have for our brands," said Dr. Daonoi Suttiniphapunt, acting managing director of TTM. "We give great importance to this market segment and continue to identify other potential segments in efforts to further increase our sales volume." Thailand and Vietnam: Regulations Review Cigarettes made in Thailand from years past Despite higher taxes and strict regulations on packaging and marketing as well as political instability (in the case of Thailand), Thailand and Vietnam's tobacco industries saw positive results in 2013 and are determined to continue this winning streak in 2014.

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