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30 tobaccoasia TOBACCO PRODUCTS 产品新闻 Japan New Virginia-based cigs launch Japan Tobacco Inc. (JT) recently announced a nationwide launch two new products as part of its Peace line, Peace Aroma Royal 100's Box (10 mg) and Peace Aroma Crown 100's Box (6 mg) in early September 2014. The new products are made with a blend of select Virginia tobacco leaves, offering the rich aroma that the Peace brand is known for. The Peace line has been a long- selling premium brand very popular among consumers since it launch as "Peace (10)" bank in 1946. Virginia tobacco, famous for its sweet aromas, is used by expert blenders who add carefully chosen flavored ingredients to complement the unique aroma of the Virginia leaves. A "new trimming process" offers an even richer aroma, with no roughness, by flash heating the fine cut tobacco. The new products, to be sold in boxes of 20 cigarettes with a traditional design of the iconic golden dove emblem on a navy blue background, provide customers with a solid smoke sensation, rich flavor, and sophisticated aroma. To clearly distinguish the two products, Peace Aroma Royal 100's Box features a gold band at the top, and Peace Aroma Crown 100's Box a silver band. US 24/7 e-cigs hit the market 24/7 is the latest product innovation from Tantus. The 24/7 brand celebrates the American tradition and brings together the power of both form and function in a way the category has never seen. The family of 24/7 e-cig products includes: 1) Disposable, sold as individual packs. Available in two flavors, Classic and Frost Menthol. 2) The industry's first rechargeable USB pack. A pioneering built-in retractable USB charger that you can plug directly into any USB port, with no cord required. It comes in a protective, soft-touch case that conveniently stores the e-cigarettes when not in use, and has space to store an extra cartomizer. 3) Rechargeable: The well-designed soft-touch case comes with two batteries and space to store four flavor cartomiz- ers. Sold as individual packs with two batteries. 4) Cartomizers: sold as individual packs of four. Available in classic and frost menthol flavors. 5) E-Liquid & Vaporizer: Replace tobacco with a vaporizer and a dose of liquid nicotine, in a longer-lasting electronic devise. The 650 mAh vaporizer accommodates a larger battery for longer-lasting performance and satisfaction. The e-liquids are made in the US and the initial launch will feature a wide variety of flavors in 10-ml and 30-ml bottles. US New micronutrient products Palm Beach Vapors, franchising's first e-cigarette and vapor retailer, recently announced that it had entered into an alliance with The Lung Shield Group, an exclusive license holder for Premier MicroNutrient Corporation (PMC). Two new electronic cigarette liquid products based on a studied, tested and patented micronutrient formulation from PMC are being launched by the group. The first product, LungShield Premium E-Liquid, is an e-liquid enhanced with micronutrients. The product, intended to be launched in multiple flavors on the company's website (, will contain a micronutrient complex that has been shown in various studies to have a protective effect on the lungs. The second product, LungShield Base, mainly targets wholesalers, juice makers, and big e-cigarette retailers. According to an executive with the LungShield Group, the new LungShield Base will present a micronutrient-rich alternative to the currently existing bases. Currently available e-liquids for electronic ciga- rettes are mainly composed of nicotine, food flavoring and a "base" of polypro- pylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. "While we believe current bases on the market are a better alternative than smoking, there is still considerable room for improvement," said Chip Paul, c.e.o. of Palm Beach Vapors. "We think the industry is ready for a base that may have additional benefits over and above the obvious. PMC has done the science, research, and testing and have created a truly marvelous it will be available to our industry." The Lung- Shield products are specifically based derived on formulations developed by PMC in the early 2000's, when it was contracted by NASA to develop a compound to address problems astronauts were experiencing with their lungs as a result of being subjected to higher levels of radiation. LungShield could potentially have a revolutionary impact on the e-cigarette industry, and Palm Beach Vapors will be the exclusive distributor of the Lung- Shield Base. US/S.Korea Nicotine-free tobacco The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) on July 29, and the Korean Intellectual Property Office on July 23, each granted a patent to 22nd Century Group for its NBB technology that virtually eliminates nicotine in the tobacco plant. The result is a tobacco plant that can be planted, grown, harvested, cured, processed, and made into tobacco products, including ciga- rettes, exactly like conventional tobacco. The NBB gene encodes a protein called "nicotine synthase" involved in the final step of nicotine biosynthesis. The newly patented technology allows the protein to be downregulated or upregulated, which would produce tobacco with a wide range of nicotine levels. Conventional tobacco can also be mixed with the company's patented tobacco to produce a blend with any desired nicotine content. "This technology will be utilized worldwide for our next generation very low nicotine (VLN) cigarettes, which we expect to have approximately 1% of the nicotine of conventional cigarettes – a 99% reduction," said Joseph Pandolfino, 22nd Century Group's founder and c.e.o. 22nd Century is currently in the process of patenting the NBB technol- ogy all over the world with patents currently issued in the US, China, Europe, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Mexico, Australia, and South Africa. Worldwide Cellphone case/e-cigs charger Inventors Steven Stanimirovic and Jonathan Romero are now crowdfund-

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