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12 tobaccoasia FRONT PAGE NEWS 卷首新闻 As a long standing and trusted supplier to the tobacco industry, Cerulean has introduced the testing instrument that everyone has been waiting for - the CETI 8. The Cerulean e-Cigarette Testing Instrument 8 is a targeted, low cost alternative to the linear smoking machine and offers you the ability to choose from a range of puffing routines to establish delivery from various e-Cigarette devices. As leading market innovators, Cerulean have further enhanced the CETI 8 to allow impinger capture on all 8 smoking channels. Cerulean's newly revised CETI 8 - The low cost test solution e-Cigarettes have been waiting for Your wait is over - contact us now for more information. • Smoking up to 8 e-Cigarettes • Capable of using 2 impinger traps per channel • Optional 'button activated' e-Cigarette kit • Fixed puff operation • "Easy Clean" puff ports • ISO and square profiles • 10.4 inch TFT LCD touchscreen Telephone: +44 (0) 1908 233833 Fax: +44 (0) 1908 235333 E-mail: Cerulean, Rockingham Drive, Linford Wood East, Milton Keynes, MK14 6LY, UK Cerulean CETI8 mkIII 178x124.indd 1 23/10/2014 16:40 UK Plain Packs = 'Dark' Sales According to the Institute of Economic Affairs, the United Kingdom is set to introduce plain packaging for cigarettes, yet evidence from Australia, which is to this day the only country to have introduced plain packaging, shows that there has been no acceleration in the decline in adult smoking, while youth smoking appears to have risen. Illegal tobacco now makes up 14.3% of the Australian market and costs to the government amount to AUS$1.2 billion, an enormous black market for a continent that has no land borders. While public health campaigners assume that people start smoking because they see bright logos and color schemes, this assumption does not bear up to scrutiny, the Institute said. Ultimately it is a product's price, not colorful images, that props up sales. In the UK, counterfeiting is already a growing issue with imitation tobacco accounting for 65% of cigarettes seized within the EU. There are currently more than 200 brands available, but when just one standardized format is introduced, packets will become much easier to replicate. Counterfeit cigarettes often contain dangerous ingredients and can cause serious health issues, as well as signifi- cant losses to the Treasury. According to the Institute, plain packaging may hit the profitability of premium brands, but will do nothing to reduce smoking prevalence, as people shift towards buying cheaper brands, more harmful brands as has been the case in Australia. The Institute also stated it is of the opinion that plain packaging is not a sensible health policy. It will be a huge inconvenience to retailers, it will bolster the black market, and it is quite clearly based on spurious evidence. US States Regulate E-cigs According to the National Conference of State Legislatures, 41 states have already banned the sale of e-cigarettes to people under 18. But research shows that children have many ways of getting cigarettes, and there are other more effective ways of keeping cigarettes away from teens than just prohibiting sales. The ban includes the hookah as well as e-cigarettes. For many, the hookah, also known as shisha or water pipe, is a staple of Arab culture popular both in the Middle East and in other countries of the world. The ban is expected to affect a huge number of Muslims, as between 2-3 million Muslims perform the Hajj every year. However, according to a January report in the medical journal Tobacco Control, five states have passed laws that forbid cities approving stricter ordi- nances. Some 26 states are now consid-

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