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70 tobaccoasia FLAVORS Flavors and flavorings are some of the most important components used for creating successful tobacco products and are arguably the single-most important input in new products such e-liquids and flavorings for e-cigarettes, e-hookah, etc. Tobacco flavors enhance the taste and consumer experience with tobacco products. Overhanging the flavor business are ongoing calls from anti-tobacco sectors for either partial or total ingredients bans for tobacco products, which would include flavors, or most or many of them. Even so, this is an interesting time for flavor suppliers. Over the past few years, demand from the e-liquids business increased rapidly and many are making investments to supply that industry specifically. The flavor or taste of a tobacco product is ultimately what the consumer keeps coming back for and following are following are leading companies supplying flavor/flavoring solutions for tobacco products and e-liquids manufacturers in the Asia region. Tobacco Technology, Inc. Tobacco Technology Inc. (TTI) is a private flavor house dedicated exclusively to all aspects of the tobacco flavoring business. The company was founded by Duke Cassels-Smith in 1975 near Baltimore, Maryland, US. TTI says its familial heritage is a cornerstone of the company's reputation, but its innovation in developing customized flavors keeps the company in the forefront of the industry. In its more than 39-year history, TTI has experienced more than 95% retention among its clientele. TTI supplies a full range of flavors for smoking products, including traditional casings and top flavors for cigarettes to specialty flavors for water pipe, snuff, snus, chew, kretek, bidis, RYO, pipe tobaccos, e-liquids, and dissolvables. TTI also offers consulting services to facilitate flavor, process, and product development. The company has expanded its manufacturing facility and state-of-the-art research laboratory to continue to enhance its services to the industry. The control of product quality, including ingredient pedigree, of all flavors produced at TTI is critically important. In the first quarter of 2015, TTI will open its new 22,000-square-foot e-liquid facility with fully automated e-liquid manufacturing and cartomizer filling. With the bottling services already offered, this state-of-the-art facility will provide TTI's e-liquid customers a one-stop-shop for all of their e-liquid needs. Personnel: George Cassels-Smith, c.e.o.; Tom Cravotta, president, TTI-USA; Jimmy Wu, president, TTI-Asia Pacific; Jack Rothenhoefer, senior flavorist. 600 Liberty Road, Eldersburg, MD 21784, USA. Phone: +1 410.549.8800 | Fax: +1 410.549.8817 | | Branch Location, Asia/Pacific Office: Phone: +86 21 53010715 | Fax: +86 21 33777165 TAIGA International NV Taiga International is a European (Belgium) company established in 1992. With the slogan: We create the flavor you like, Taiga International offers more than just flavoring. The power engine that drives Taiga International forward remains the R&D department which caters to the unique needs of clients and keeps Taiga abreast of new developments. Tailor made flavors, confidential long-term cooperation, and flexibility are the keywords of Taiga's success. For any flavor project you may have, their team is eager to work with you, anywhere in the world. The mission statement of Taiga International is to advise, create, and provide its clients with high-quality flavors which are responding to the demand of the market. This is followed by a 3-step method: 1. Create a product category/market: focus on tobacco (B2B) initially; serve large and smaller customers; different sales approach by tobacco category; and tailor-made flavors. 2. Ensure the highest quality product: source with premium suppliers; own manufacturing; ensure end quality control. 3. Excel in R&D: sell a solution, customized by tobacco category and customer's requirements; conform latest regulations Taiga International, an ISO22000 certificated company, provides flavors and casings for all type of tobacco products. The company also offers flavors for e-cigarettes, e-liquids, and e-hookahs. In order to bring the sensation of smoking an e-cigarette as close to the sensation of smoking a traditional cigarette, Taiga International has developed a special series of e-liquid flavors. Different varieties are available, from traditional, or brand type cigarette flavors to food flavors. Koning Leopoldlaan 7B B-2870 Breendonk - Puurs, Belgium Tel. +32 3 844 01 76 | | Mother Murphy's Mother Murphy's provides its customers a customized and high performance flavor experience. They specialize in the development and manufacture of tobacco flavors and casings for cigarettes, cigars, smokeless products, waterpipe, and more. Mother Murphy's can also help with all vaping product needs from flavor concentrates to finished e-liquid products. As a result of its growth in the tobacco industry, Mother Murphy's has recently built a state-of-the-art tobacco lab. Lead by Eduardo Berea, Mother Murphy's tobacco division manager; the new lab includes a creation laboratory, a tobacco application laboratory, and a smoking room. The new creation lab has brand new equipment and is designed to suit the specific needs of tobacco flavor chemists and sample technicians. The application lab allows the company's tobacco team to work with tobacco blends from its customers either as cut rag or as trips, apply casings, simulate a toasting process, apply top flavors, roll cigarettes, inject cigarettes and cigars, and more. The smoking room is used for testing purposes, for panel evaluations, and most importantly, to have an area to receive tobacco customers and smoke their products. If it exists or you can imagine it, Mother Murphy's can replicate it. Their flavors are some of the finest in the industry. From sharply defined flavors such as vanilla, cherry, and chocolate, to complex, cocktail-like flavors such as amaretto, brandy, rum, and piƱa colada, to blended flavors such as tropical mixed fruits, Mother Murphy's can make your product stand out from the competition. Contact: Mother Murphy's Headquarters 2826 South Elm-Eugene St., Greensboro, NC 27406 US. Phone: +1 336.273.1737 | Fax: +1 336.273.0858 Borgwaldt Flavor GmbH Complete range of flavor and casing ingredients for cigarettes, pipe tobacco, cigars, water pipe tobacco, RYO, chewing, moist snuff and kreteks, flavor and liquids for e-cigarettes, tobacco additives like anti-mold products, burn additives, humectants and extras - consulting service in product development: blending, processing and manufacturing technology, insect control, and monitoring material: Lasiotrap and Contrap Schnackenburgallee 15, 22525 Hamburg, Germany Phone (+49) 40 8531380 | Fax (+49) 40 853138315 E-Mail: Website:

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