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34 tobaccoasia MANUFACTURING NEWS 制造新闻 Singapore Essentra's New Corinthian Essentra Filter Products has launched Super Slim Corinthian, the filter that brings the innovative design of Essentra's Corinthian filter to the consumers of super slim cigarettes. The new Super Slim Corinthian provides unique flute definition to give an exceptional smoking experience and, as a multi-segment filter, can be combined with carbon, flavor, colored acetate tow or a distinctive recess, to offer cigarette manufacturers numerous possibilities for visualization and brand differentiation. Commenting on the new addition to Essentra's super slim range, innovations director, Patrick Meredith, said: "With the super slim segment being the fastest growing in the market, Essentra is continuously developing new, high quality products to address the needs of these consumers. A good example of this is the Super Slim Corinthian filter, which offers market leading channel definition as well as flavour and visual differentiation, without compromising the existing benefits of super slim filters." The Super Slim Corinthian filter is a multi-segment cellulose acetate filter. The mouth end of the filter uses acetate shaping technology to create a specified number of distinctive channels that run longitudinally along the outer surface of the filter. During consumption these channels create a mix of smoke and air to offer a special, satisfying smoking experience. Unique to Essentra, the flutes are robust and strong enough to resist crushing during manufacture or smoking, and have a clean end appear- ance. Their construction provides a num- ber of possibilities for visualization and brand differentiation. The outer plug- wrap surrounding the Super Slim Corinthian filter is stiffer than the industry standard in order to create the flute appearance and ensure a high quality finish. The plugwrap used can be standard or porous depending on the ventilation requirements. As a multi-segment filter, Super Slim Corinthian is flexible by design and allows additional features to be incorpo- rated in the filter. Activated carbon can be included to deliver additional filter performance, and the filter can also be combined with flavored or colored acetate segments to enhance the sensory experience. It is also possible to include a recess for stronger visual differentiation. The Super Slim Corinthian has been designed to allow manufacturers to offer super slim consumers the same high quality as enjoyed by consumers of traditional cigarettes. The filter addresses the demand for more innovation from super slim users, and provides manufac- turers with new resources to engage with existing and new consumers alike. Germany Hauni's SMS Shines Hauni's new Smart Monitoring System (SMS) is a device designed to monitor the state of certain subassemblies continuously during production and prevent unexpected stops. Regular maintenance, of course, is essential if a machine is to run efficiently and maintain a high level of product quality over long periods of operation. Now Hauni's SMS provides additional assistance by monitoring critical subas- semblies of the machine continuously, to allow planning in the exchange of parts in advance, reducing or eliminating down- time surprises. Designed to supplement regular maintenance, SMS helps maximize service life, prevent downtime, and make a machine more economical to run. Hauni recommends that maintenance be carried out at certain intervals which depend on a machine's operated hours – these intervals have been determined empirically over the years. Yet it can also be useful for operators to gain information on items like subassemblies in the intervening time too, and that was what prompted Hauni to launch this thoroughly tested SMS. "With SMS, sensors are fitted inside the subassemblies so that they can send us information about the machine's status while it is running," says Andreas Eckroth, who works at Hauni's Innova- tion Center as head of the automation technology and drives team. The system collects data from vibration sensors which continuously measure the vibration amplitude on sensitive compo- nents. "The sensors are positioned at the points where failure during operation would have expensive consequences – not only by damaging the assemblies but also by causing downtime and loss of production. That's why it's in our customers' interests to monitor these subassemblies more closely." SMS also monitors wear levels, passing that information to the ma- chine's visualization system. Any measurements outside the set tolerance range will initiate an alarm, leaving plenty of time to take the required action. "SMS can't replace regular mainte- nance at the prescribed intervals," points out Eckroth. "It's an extra precaution you can take to prevent a worst-case scenario occurring: an unscheduled machine stop." Hauni will offer the SMS as an option with its new-generation machines as well as part of the retrofitting. The SMS smart sensor Essentra's innovative filter

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