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22 tobaccoasia PRODUCT NEWS 产品新闻 US Coffee Grinds Alternative To Tobacco? Originally designed as a healthy tobacco alternative for professional baseball players, Grinds, or Grinds Coffee Pouches, are small pouches of flavored coffee that can help you feel sharp and focused throughout the day or night. According to the manufacturers, Grinds are great for anyone looking to either kick their tobacco habit or simply find a convenient, healthy way to gain a boost of energy. Each can contains approximately 18-20 pouches and the caffeine equivalent of 4-5 cups of coffee. Grinds also contains other key energy ingredients like B-vitamins, taurine, and guarana that you would find in any energy drink. With Grinds, you simply pop a pouch or two for a quick pick-me-up without having to worry about feeling wired. The best way to absorb the energy from each pouch is to swallow the saliva it produces. When you have a Grinds pouch in, you're essentially brewing the coffee in your mouth. If you'd like to spit, you can. Your body will still absorb the energy and caffeine, but in a slower, less deliberate manner. The caffeine is absorbed by placing the grounds on the surface of the gums. Grinds currently comes in five flavors: cinnamon roll, mint chocolate, mocha, peppermint, and vanilla, and costs US$12 for three cans. Japan Pianissimo Goes Non-menthol Japan Tobacco Inc. has announced the launch of two new products, Pianissimo Precia Temore 6 and Pianissimo Precia Temore One. The first ever non-menthol products from Pianissimo will be sold exclusively in Tokyo, Aichi, and Toyama Prefectures as of late July 2015. With a product lineup that offers flavors, aromas, func- tions, and designs that satisfy a variety of tastes, Pianissimo is popular with a wide range of consumers. Now, for it to be enjoyed by even more smokers, JT is launching the first non-menthol products under the brand. Pianissimo Precia Temore 6 and Pianissimo Precia Temore One are super slim products, whose every detail, from aroma to packaging, has been given the utmost attention. A capsule is built into the filter, allowing consumers to enjoy two sensa- tions with one cigarette. Before the capsule is crushed, a smooth and full sensation can be enjoyed. Crushing the capsule brings out the rich, graceful aroma that spreads out over the palate. LSS technologies have also been incorporated to reduce the smoke smell. The packages feature a warm base color that matches the flavors of the products and the gold accessories common to the Precia series. A number of other embellishments have been added, resulting in a distinctly elegant look. Moreover, these are easy-to-carry thin packs that are only possible with super- slim size cigarettes. The company is committed to continually improving the quality of its products and services to better satisfy consumers, including the launch of Pianissimo Precia Temore 6 and Pianissimo Precia Temore One. New Cruiser Chews Cruiser Chew is a new product from Gotlandssnus made for the EU. Since Swedish Snus is illegal in the EU, many manufactur- ers are making products using Swedish manufacturing methods in the way they would make Swedish Snus, but selling them as "chewing tobacco". When it comes to Cruiser Chew, the tobacco comes in cardboard boxes and is kept in a humidity- and temperature- controlled environment. It's then moistened and cut using a "guillotine cutter". Then it's stored in barrels for a few weeks for fermentation to occur. The tobacco is then pasteurized by being heated with water and salt. Then the ingredients are added and the tobacco is emptied into barrels with airtight lids. It is stored in those barrels until it's ready to be packaged. The tobacco is wrapped in chewable paper and packed in cans. Cruiser Chew is different from traditional chewing tobacco and should be used in a different way, not like chewing gum. Instead, it's placed under the upper or lower lip and if one one desires some nicotine and flavor, gently chew on the tobacco oncee or twice and put it back under the lip. There are two product flavors: Cruiser Chew Classic, a traditional tobacco flavor with notes of bergamot and citrus, and Cruiser Chew Melon, with its characteristic taste of melon and hints of pear.

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