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FIRST CLASS l 11 With the performance demands often placed on shippers these days, a sudden service issue can lead to costly consequences for both a trucking fleet and its customers. But Peterbilt's new SmartLINQ remote diagnostics system can provide fleets with real-time information — via email and a customized PACCAR web portal — to manage a service issue with maximum efficiency and keep deliv- eries on time, according to Peterbilt Chief Engineer Scott Newhouse. "What's unique about this tech- nology is the level of information and detail we're able to provide the custom- er," says Newhouse. "What we're really doing here is helping drive our custom- ers' operating efficiency to higher levels. This is about uptime, and maximizing the productivity of the truck." SmartLINQ is factory installed and now in production. It is standard on all Peterbilts equipped with a PACCAR MX-13 Engine, and includes a compli- mentary two-year subscription. Code analysis When the engine or aftertreatment system generates a diagnostic code, SmartLINQ analyzes the code and communicates it to the customer, both through the web portal and email. The severity of the code indicates to the customer whether or not the truck can continue driving, or if service or an engine shutdown are necessary. "For example, let's say the code indicates that the truck is low on cool- ant," says Newhouse. "There could be several causes for that — the driver didn't fill it, there's a leak, or the sensor isn't operating properly, for example. "That information goes to fleet per- sonnel. They might tell their driver to pull over and see if there's enough coolant. Or the code might say that the sensor is inoperable, and that's not an issue a driver can fix, so he should go to a Peterbilt dealership for repair. "The customer can make a deci- sion. Do we keep driving? Or should we stop and check it?" If service is needed quickly, SmartLINQ also guides the customer to the nearest local Peterbilt service providers. "For example, the customer can customize SmartLINQ to direct the driver to one of the three nearest Peterbilt dealerships. The customer can select one of the three, contact the service department and the shop can be ready when the truck arrives. "Or, the customer might decide to have SmartLINQ notify their selling dealer. For instance, if the truck is in Nebraska, the customer can noti- fy the selling dealer and report the SmartLINQ diagnostic code. The sell- ing dealer can then take the neces- sary steps to contact the Nebraska SmartLINQ remote diagnostics system promises to maximize uptime The Intelligent Solution

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