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Summer 2015

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FIRST CLASS l 17 A fleet of Peterbilt Model 579s has helped CEI employ new technologies that help the company — and its customers — maximize profitability. Efficiency focus Baird's focus on the performance efficiency of his fleet is not lost on his customers. "We can show our customers data they've never seen before. Years ago, they picked their providers based on price. It is what it is — you pick the best one. But now that we can help them maximize their productivity and reduce their costs, we're offering a different level of partner- ship than they can get elsewhere." And by creating more mutually bene- ficial partnerships, Baird can improve his own bottom line. "We always say we're in the pen- ny-counting business, and the fact is we're always looking for ways to increase our margins. You don't go out and get a bunch of raises anymore. We need to create our margins, and Peterbilt helps us take full advantage of the technology out there that will help us get our mar- gins where they need to be. "We're excited," adds Baird. "We've got the right strategy, the right equipment and the right managers. We're setting new standards for how things get done in this industry. We aim not just to be the largest, but the best MSW hauling company in the U.S. We have the people, the equipment and the technology to do so." FC

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