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Darrin Siver General Manager All in the Details Editorial director: Derek Smith • Editor: Bill Laste • Client services manager: Cyndy Moylan • Publisher: Pete Sobic First Class is published by Northbrook Custom Media, a division of Randall-Reilly Publishing Company, LLC, on behalf of Peterbilt Motors Company and its dealers. Editorial office: 21420 W. Greenfield Ave., New Berlin, WI 53146. Phone (262) 650-9260. Printed in the U.S., copyright 2015. Postmaster: Send form 3579 to 21420 W. Greenfield Ave., New Berlin, WI 53146. One-year subscription in the U.S. $12.00; $15.00 in Canada; $25.00 all other countries payable in U.S. funds. "Agreement Number 40732015". Change of address or undeliverable copies should be sent to: 1415 Janette Ave., Windsor, Ontario, N8X 1Z1 Canada. S uccessful fl eet owners and managers know that success doesn't happen without turning a razor sharp focus to the details. A fuel economy gain of a mere tenth of a percentage point, for ex- ample, can result in signifi cant cost savings. Or the weight saved from spec'ing trucks with lightweight components results in additional payload. Peterbilt is detail driven to provide you with an ownership experience that is unparalleled in satisfaction and unprecedented in profi tability. It's why we build Peterbilt trucks the way we do – with an unwavering commitment to quality and providing maximum return for our customers. This is evident in the design, engineering, production and support of each and every truck bearing the red oval. State-of-the-art design optimized the aerodynamic effi ciency of the Model 579 EPIQ, which is providing customers with up to 14 percent improved fuel economy. Engineering down to the smallest of details made the Model 567 the most reliable, durable and versatile vocational truck in our history. Production committed to quality and continuous improvement led to three prestigious Frost & Sullivan Manufacturing Leadership awards this year, for a total of six since 2014. Peterbilt also launched the Rapid Check service program and SmartLINQ remote diagnostics system to maximize uptime. Peterbilt's commitment to and investment in ensuring your own- ership experience is second to none guides all aspects of our oper- ations. We know that every competitive advantage we can provide improves your bottom line. Our current portfolio of products and services is the strongest it has ever been. Solutions are there for optimizing fuel effi ciency, attracting and keeping the best drivers, and maximizing uptime. We know that even the smallest of details we consider can make positive, signifi - cant impacts on your business. "We're in the penny-counting business," says Troy Baird, a customer who simi- larly understands that the details are where you earn your profi tability (page 14). Mr. Baird is in the business of hauling municipal refuse. We are in the business of building trucks. As partners, we both succeed by turning the focus where it needs to be — and that's on the details. FIRST CLASS l 5 "Even the tiniest of details can tilt the scales in favor of the fleet who will put that driver to work in a Peterbilt."

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