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48 STiR tea & coffee industry international / Issue 4, 2015 (August/September) O By Sherri Johns n a rare sunny Portland dawn, I craved a little sparkle in my morning cup. Venturing into the local Stumptown Coffee Roasters I was delighted to see three varieties of cold coffee aside the usual iced Americano and iced café latte. Did I want the nitro brew on tap, single origin cold, in a carton or a can to go? Hmmm, a tasty decision to make. But first a historical word on how cold coffee got hot. According to Japan Today, cold coffee was first served in Japan in 1920, brewed us- ing a dripper method that produced a concentrated coffee. Elaborate glass towers of course ground coffee were filled with cold filtered water that was allowed to steep and drip through the grounds finally through a fine wool filter (or sometimes a volcanic rock filter) and collected in a vessel below, drip by drip. Like the slow, drip, drip, drip of preparation, it took a long time to catch on. Cross the Pacific and fast forward to 1965 and the invention of the Toddy by Todd Simpson, who after graduation as a chemical engineering student at Cornell, enjoyed a cup of coffee created with a liquid concentrate. Inspired, Simpson developed and patented "The Toddy", a cold brew system. The Toddy brewing process removed most of the acidity in coffee. Consumers used the toddy coffee and hot water to make a quick quality cup and also found the cold brew process was perfect for, well, cold brew, or iced coffee. The Toddy retains its reputation as the first, but no longer the only, domestic cold brew. Back to Asia, and Tokyo's UCC Ueshima Coffee Co. (UCC) which in 1969 first brought cold canned coffee to the Japan market. UCC owns plantations in Jamaica, Hawaii, and Indonesia controlling production from bean to can. The popularity of COLD BREWED COFFEE IS HOT Tap system, above and below counter. Cold brewed coffee served cold with frozen milk and espresso ice cubes. Growlers to go.

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