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205-349-2990 | R A N DA L L R E I L LY.CO M/T R U C K I N G Title Slide: Content marketing changes the way you look at advertising and campaigns. But why does it change the game so much? Slide 1: People are more connected and more easily reached than ever before. This connectivity means people see way more advertising. The result is: It's harder to make a difference with advertising. Slide 2: On average Click-through-rates decline 9% the first 5 months of a campaign. Slide 3: Industry wide, email marketing open rates have declined from bad to worse. Slide 4: As we said, people are more connected than ever before. This means your message is one among thousands of messages a prospect sees everyday. Your marketing is easily ignored. Slide 5: Though marketing is getting harder, the burden of marketing has remained the same. Research shows that 57% of purchase decisions are made before a prospect talks to sales. Even though marketing is getting harder, you play the largest part in revenue. Slide 6: Can you make a difference? Of course. Slide 7: You need to change the way you think about advertising. Content marketing is the secret weapon. Slide 8: Look at how content marketing revives your marketing. If your conversion rates are declining, content marketing can fix that. Slide 9: Have prospects stopped opening your emails? One study showed a 200% increase in open rates when content marketing was used. Slide 10: Are you worried that prospects are ignoring your ads? 82% of your prospects find content targeted to their industry useful. Slide 11: So what is this "magical content marketing?" Let's see how Joe Pulizzi, the founder of Content Marketing Institute, defines its. (Read definition on presentation) (Allow time for questions. Good point to allow the client to have input and ensure they understand what has been said so far.) Slide 12: Content marketing seems difficult to pull off. Slide 13: 91% of you are trying to do it. CONTENT MARKETING SCRIPT

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