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President's Message John McNeil "Hope springs eternal." Sometimes in life, the most seemingly random events can lead to truly won- derful adventures. Sometimes they materialize as the product of hard work. I attribute much of the bright outlook for SMA's 2012 work plans to the hard work put in by all our volunteers with a special 'shout out' to your Board members, working with our Executive Director, Jerri LaHaie: Doug Still, Nick Kuhn, Tami Sadonoja, Andy Hillman, Henry Wallace, Peggy Drescher, Dave Bienemann, and Bob Benjamin. In our relatively short time in office we have accomplished much. Early in January, the Board approved SMA's first policy paper, on Emerald Ash Borer. I encourage you to access it from our web- site ( This excellent document was prepared by a new Past President's Council that last year's Board established specifically to work on policy issues. Past Presidents Gene Hyde and Steve Cothrel put together a logical position paper that will assist municipal foresters in managing EAB. At our mid-year Board meeting in late January, a number of stra- tegic-based initiatives were approved to further the mission of the SMA: Leading the world in building the confidence, com- petence, and camaraderie of the family of professionals who create and sustain community forests. SMA is fortunate to have an active committee structure that the Board relies upon to help fulfill its strategic initiatives. For example, through the Education Committee, chaired by Eric Kuehler, we will deliver several workshops and seminars on EAB this year. These are intended to support the municipal forester, working at the centre of leading his or her community's EAB management plan efforts, to follow IPM principles and use the most up-to-date tools to achieve long-term canopy conserva- tion. The Education Committee is also working on developing a meaningful SMA Conference for our members in Sacramento, California in November, 2012 with our new partner, Partners in Community Forestry. SMA's Accreditation Committee, chaired by Dan Hartman, over- sees the Municipal Forestry Accreditation Program. The Board has drafted a marketing plan for this program, which recognizes excellence in sustaining the community forest. We are looking forward to the Accreditation Committee finalizing and rolling out the revised program in 2012. I am looking forward to sharing the successes of our other com- mittees later this year. Yes, the hard work of the people dedi- cated to supporting the SMA and what it stands for is clearly a beacon of hope. 4 Executive Director's Message Jerri J. LaHaie Last year we launched the MFI- P, or Municipal Forestry Intern Program, placing five students with five city forestry departments in North America. This year, we have 13 students and cities working on finalizing arrangements for this summer's ten-week program. Talk about a wonderful adventure! If this year's students are anything like last year's, there is truly cause for celebration. It is so refreshing to see these young men and women commit to learning up close and personal what it means to work in urban forestry. SMA members who host the students not only provide them a unique work experience, they mold them into the future professionals who will make deci- sions about trees in our cities. We look forward to seeing all of you at this year's SMA International Conference to be held November 12-13 in Sacramento, California. Among other things, you will get to meet this year's interns and the arborists who hosted them. This is a great opportunity for you to learn more about the MFI-P program and consider participating next year yourself. By holding our conference immediately before the start of the Partners in Community Forestry Conference on Nov 14, you can attend two conferences for the travel costs of one. You can also interact with allied profes- sionals you may not typically see at an SMA conference, like mayors, landscape architects, planners, and utility representatives, to name just a few. Take advantage of the chance to get your message out by working on your presentation proposal—the call will be issued soon. Another date for your calendar is the Canadian Urban Forest Conference, October 2-4, 2012 in London, Ontario, Canada. SMA is sponsoring this along with the City of London, Tree Canada, and the Ontario Urban Forest Council. The theme for this year's conference is "Back to the Forest" and will feature excellent speak- ers and topics of interest to all urban foresters. For more information and to register, visit Through this Canadian conference and the previously mentioned conferences, we are excited about providing a variety of educational opportunities to our members through the alliances with our many partners. City Trees

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