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STiR tea & coffee industry international 15 www.fl flavourtech Processing Excellence Aroma Recovery Extraction Concentration Complete Process Lines Your Soluble/RTD Coffee can be the Market Leader Contact Flavourtech for your: STiR: Colombia is known for its outstanding special- ty grade arabica. How will you continue to advance quality? Vélez: We have to be at the forefront of inno- vation in quality. We will leverage Cenicafe´s deep understanding of the plant and our environment to enhance quality attributes, and incorporate this knowledge in new ways of optimizing quality and developing new varieties. STiR: Share your view on the Misión Cafetera's rec- ommendations for reform and its challenge to FNC's pur- chase guarantee. Is deregulation a viable option? Vélez: The Mision has different recommenda- tions that we are evaluating. The one we do not agree with is sacrificing the purchase guarantee policy. The objective of making sure that all coffee growers, no matter where they are and what quan- tity they are selling, can find a viable buyer for their beans at market prices and be paid in cash is still a key component of our services to growers and the envy of producers in other countries. STiR: What are your environmental priorities? Vélez: We aim to fully implement FNC's cli- mate smart coffee growing strategy and manage environmental resources efficiently in order to achieve a coffee industry that adapts and combats climate change and variability. STiR: What is your position on initiatives to differen- tiate and add value to Colombia's coffee? NEWS Delegates applaud newly elected c.e.o. Roberto Vélez Vélez: Adding value and differentiation are certainly key aspects for Colombia´s coffee grow- ers´ profitability. We can add value in several ways, not only on quality and knowledge but also in our ability to deliver sustainability indicators and more knowledge of the coffee we are selling. Colombia has played and will continue to play a key role in generating value for both producers and consumers and we will continue to uphold this commitment.

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