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November 2015

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Industry NEWSLINE NGWA Endorses Proposed Standard for Ground Source Heat Pump Systems T he National Ground Water Associa- tion has endorsed a proposed stan- dard for the design and installation of ground source heat pump systems that will now go to the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) for review. The standard is proposed for use in the United States and Canada. CSA-448 is a joint effort of the CSA Group; NGWA; the American Society of Heat- ing, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers; and the International Ground Source Heat Pump Association. The CSA Group is an internationally accred- ited standards development and testing and certification organization. The proposed standard now goes to ANSI, which will review the consensus process involved in developing it. John Pitz, CPI, who played an instru- mental role in NGWA's efforts, says the Association has played a critical role in helping to ensure groundwater protec- tion and system efficiency in the pro- posed standard. A key NGWA groundwater protec- tion objective was achieved: NGWA's definition of "loop well"—and the construction process it describes— is included in the proposed standard in reference to the vertical heat exchanger portion of a ground source heat pump system. As defined in the draft standard, a loop well encompasses: • The drilling of the vertical borehole • Placement of the loop tube to the bottom of the vertical borehole with the grout tremie • Grouting of the vertical borehole from the bottom of the vertical bore- hole to the earth's surface at the drill site. In commonly used closed-loop ground source heat pump systems, Pitz says "the heart and soul of the system is the loop well. It's not just a hole in the ground. It's an engineered structure that needs to be constructed as designed, which means you control the borehole. It's huge to get that in." Not only does the inclusion of the loop well definition address groundwa- ter protection, it also is intended to help ensure the efficiency of heat exchange in the ground. Other key NGWA objectives in- cluded in the proposed standard are: • Defining standing column and open- loop ground source heat pump sys- tems as water wells • Referencing the ANSI/NGWA Water Well Construction Standard, which includes standards for grouting, in the CSA-448 proposed standard • Referencing NGWA's Certified Verti- cal Closed Loop Driller, Certified Well Driller, and Certified Pump Installer certifications for persons qualified to design and perform in- stallation work for ground source heat pump systems. In addition to Pitz, other members of NGWA's Joint Loop Well Standard Task Force who assisted in the Association's efforts were former NGWA President Daniel T. Meyer, MGWC, CVCLD, 14 November 2015 WWJ waterwelljournal.com 952 TR 20-V M Ma ad de i in t th he . .A. S U Wha e Und Wha Unde t's er ect push ance dir v Ad • 9520-VTR Stand t's er hnology h tec eatures dard F e .ams-sampl www the Und the arp See a T v e N egas, V Las , Show er at oundw r G 1 20 A W NG the at Inc. AMS, om fr rigs drill push of direct line NEW Unde the arp T NEW er ob erPr ow .com/P s ler ada ? 5 1 l pow se eased Hor Incr • Solid & Hollowstem • le b . Adjusta 3,000 lb • a dr Hy . of 48,000 lbs • o k Contr e-Loc Secur • • 4,000 ft/lb 2-Speed A er ? be Find us on: er & Fuel Economy w le b pa er Ca Aug h High-Speed Winc ce or k F aulic Pullbac anel ol P e Head er Driv Aug F i n d u s o n : c. n AMS, I l p m am s s m .am w. w w s r a e 73 Ye ce 1942 in S AM M S , Inc . www.ams-sampl am am w.a w w 7 3 Years Y Ye Sinc e 1 9 42 2 ax: 208 226-7280 F e: 800-635-7330 n o h P m s.co ler Fax ax: : 2 0 8 - 2 2 6 - 7280 2 Phone : 8 0 0 - 6 3 5 - 7 3 3 0 lers.com 280 m s.co ler p m a s-s m s@a m am 2 8 0 ams@ams-samplers.com mp mp am

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