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November 2015

Water Well Journal

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3 APPRAISALS 18 BREAKOUT TOOLS BREAKOUT TOOLS SEMCO Inc. All Hydraulic Hydrorench S110H In Stock 1-10 Four Rollers Breaks Pipe Make Pipe to Torque Specs 800-541-1562 Equipment Appraisals Nationally recognized and accred- ited equipment appraisals for water well drill rigs and well drilling equip- ment for banks, lenders, mergers, accountants, estate planning, IRS, and auctions. Experienced, knowl- edgeable, and recognized world- wide in the water well drilling industry. Accurate and confidential appraisal reports. SALVADORE AUCTIONS & APPRAISALS 401.792.4300 www.siaai.com Classified MARKETPLACE WEST 75 ELECTRIC MOTORS EQUIPMENT WANTED: Electric mo- tors wanted. Vertical hollow shaft pump mo- tors. 20 to 500 hp good or bad, will pick up. PH: (800) 541-1562. BUSINESS FOR SALE: Successful central California pump company for sale (owner retiring). Sales, services, and repairs with a loyal, outstanding customer base. Works with agricultural, municipal, and residential pumps. Serious inquiries only. Call 559-269-7669. Twitter @WaterWellJournl 7RGG%HHPDQ 2IILFH-- )LQDQFLQJ$YDLODEOH ZZZEHOFRGULOOLQJHTXLSPHQWFRP '5,//5,*6 *()&2.7RSGULYH¶0DVW$&DUU. 9-1*9HUVD'ULOO[$LU&RPS. *()&2.[$LU[0XG3XPS. &RRSHU/72¶[/E&DSDFLW\. 0D[LGULOO7UDFN0RXQWHGKUV««. *'7RSKHDG/E&DSDFLW\««««. 3RUWDGULOO7.73URVSHFWRU'HW$LU 0XG«. *'-[3XPS¶3LSH«««. *'[3XPS$[OH&DUULHU«. *':&XPPKS$LU0XG´7DEOH«. 5HLFKGULOO&7UDFN5LJ[$LU«««. 3XOVWDU3)RUG)-([FHOOHQW&RQG«. 08'38036 ,GHFR7-7ULSOH['HWURLW(QJLQH6NLG0QWG«. 1DWLRQDO-3-7ULSOH[&DW6NLG0RXQWHG««. (:&2:7ULSOH['HWURLWZ6SHHG7UDQV««. 6N\WRS%UHZVWHU%-&DW6NLG0RXQWHG««««. *')2);2´[´'HW7UDLOHU0RXQWHG««. &RQW(PVFR'-[´%DUH3XPS««««««. *'))-);)´[´'HWURLW&\FOH(QJLQH««. 08'3,76 JDOORQEDUUHO0XG0L[LQJ6\VWHP««««. 0XG3XSS\*DO7DQN([FHOOHQW&RQG. %%/&HQWULIXJDO3XPSV 6KDNHUV««««««. %%/&HQWULIXJDO3XPSV 6KDNHUV««««««. *DO3RUWDEOH7UOU0QWG&HQW 6KDNHUV««. *DO3RUWDEOH[6KDNHU &HQW3XPS«. $,5&2035(66256 6XOODLU;++UV7UDLOHU0QWG«. ,5;+3[&DW&-6NLG0RXQWHG«. 6XOODLU[&DW&-6NLG0RXQWHG««. 4XLQF\[3E'HW6NLG0RXQWHG«. *++[0RXQWHGRQ0DFN7UXFN««««««. *'&)0[36,3RZHUHG%\&DW«. '5,//3,3($1'&2//$56 ¶-)+UQJ,,´,'%RWWOH1HFN««««IW ¶-)+UQJ,-´,'%RWWOH1HFN««IW ¶ ´,)UQJ,,-´,'%RWWOH1HFN«IW ¶-´)OXVK-WUQJ,,,5:UHQFK)ODWV««IW ´2'[-´,'[¶/Z-´UHJ.HDFK 2'[´,'[¶/Z-´UHJ««««««.HDFK -´2'[-´,'[¶/Z-´UHJ.HDFK WWJ November 2015 73 Living Water Pump Co. Successful family owned pump company in 4 counties surrounding Portland, Oregon. Residential submersible, jet, and irrigation/sump/sewage pump work. Ready to retire. Building available for rent. Great place and great weather. 503-218-4946. 22 BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES 57 DIRECT PUSH SUPPLIES Add a color to your display classified ad for only $55. Please call Sales to make arrangements 1-800-551-7379 ext. 603

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