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November 2015

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Cover Story 16 H eavy-duty truck- ing's technologi- cal renaissance is about to shake up the aftermarket. Again. The Right to Repair debate might be solved, but the independent aftermarket's fi ght to access vehicle main- tenance information is only beginning. Another issue lingers on the horizon. What is the aftermarket going to do about telematics? Telematics products were fi rst introduced in the truck- ing industry in the late 1980s to aid in vehicle monitor- ing and logistics. Originally aftermarket hardware, these fi rst telematics systems cre- ated a revolutionary level of transparency between drivers and fl eet dispatchers. By knowing where their trucks were located at all times, fl eets were able to optimize scheduling, route ef- fi ciency and asset utilization. "The early systems were very much track and trace, says Jimmy Fortuna, vice president of product manage- ment at Omnitracs. In the decades since, more telematics providers have emerged and the capa- bilities of their products have increased. Logistics remain a priority but now share the spotlight with asset and driver us- age data, fuel economy information and live vehicle maintenance reports, says Garland Jackson, general manager-OEM at PeopleNet. What started as a solution to fl eets' logistical ques- tions has evolved to answer so much more, says Velociti President Deryk Powell. "At a base level [telematics] is still 'Where is my truck?' but in truth it's so much more than that. It's also 'How is my truck doing?' 'What kind of shape is it in?'" Powell says. "[Telematics] is a total T R U C K P A R T S & S E R V I C E | N o v e m b e r 2 0 1 5 By Lucas Deal, Editor The aftermarket's aftermarket's next hurdle Telematics will shape the future of vehicle maintenance, and the aftermarket

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