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14 l FIRST CLASSCLASS sc fuels 14 l FIRST CLASS The demand for fuel is high in any North American city, but per- haps nowhere more than in Los Angeles and its sprawling Southern California surroundings. Perceptions of transportation there exist in extremes. The most advanced, modern and largest net- work of superhighways crisscrosses the region. The costliest congestion problems snarl those same thor- oughfares, but make no mistake about it — the motor vehicle is the lifeblood of the region. Driving Los Angelenos' reliance on all things automotive is a steady fuel supply, and SC Fuels, head- quartered in Orange, Calif., has grown to become a major distribu- tor of diesel fuel, gasoline and bulk lubricants to customers whose business operations mandate reli- able delivery of such products. And at the root of the SC Fuels delivery system is a fleet of 170 medium-duty trucks, primarily Peterbilt Model 337s for inner-city hauls and Peterbilt Model 348s for longer, heavier hauls to outlying areas in the southern California mountains and hillsides. "Our Peterbilt equipment is exactly what we need for what we do," says Daniel Griffith, Trans- portation Manager. "Peterbilt was the company that would give us what we required for our business. "We encountered some OEMs that tried to tell us our business, tell us what we needed. Peterbilt, on the other hand, listened to our business needs, and worked with us to get us what we desired to succeed." Fleet evolution Just three years ago, SC Fuels was operating a primarily mixed fleet. And more than 80 years ago, the firm started with a single truck that serviced what was then a largely agricultural Orange County. But by the time Frank H. Greinke bought the firm in 1965, southern California was in the midst of rapid change, and the company was evolving with the region to provide transporta- tion-specific fuels and lubricants. In 1976 Greinke Petroleum became Southern Counties Oil Company, which became SC Fuels in 2003 to better reflect the compa- ny's service range up and down the Peterbilt Models 337, 348 help drive growth of SC Fuels Fueling success

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