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Winter 2015

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FIRST CLASS l 21 FALL FOR OUR NEW ITEMS! SHOP OVER 60 NEW ARRIVALS! Visit or call 1.877.705.3316 and combines the highest effi- ciency, greatest safety and best service at the lowest cost," he says. "Of course, that's dif- ficult to do, but we achieved those goals, and that's why we've remained committed to Peterbilt and our dealership partner. "We test them. We want to make sure we're getting the best products, service and value. And I'm convinced we are." The CWS fleet of Model 320s is diversely configured in side load, rear load, front load and rolloff capabilities, with bodies provided by McNeilus. "The frames and chassis of these Model 320s have to carry it well and carry it safely. And we need this equipment to run all the time. There are almost no off days in this busi- ness, so we need 100 percent performance, efficiency and availability from our trucks. We don't have the opportu- nity to take one down, other than for scheduled safety inspection or preventive main- tenance service." Drivers impressed The transition to CNG- powered engines was a natural next step for CWS. Oakland is fully serviced by CNG-powered trucks. San Jose is serviced by bio-die- sel-powered Model 320s, but will be transitioning to CNG power and its own slow-fill CNG stations, according to Corona. "CWS has always been about what's next in terms of innovation, and Peterbilt has always showed us what's next," says Corona. "That's how we got started with CNG engines. It also helped us demonstrate to the cities we serve that we are investing in the latest tech- nology to improve the envi- ronment and add value. They judge us by what we put forth." Drivers of recycling trucks are just as apt to judge the equipment of their employer as their long-haul brethren, according to Corona, who credits an excellent working relationship with the local Teamsters chapter with pro- viding a skilled labor force. "Our drivers and mechan- ics are professionals," Corona says. "They have an expecta- tion to operate high quality equipment. They were thrilled when they saw the quality of workmanship in the cabs and bodies, got in and felt the comfort, enjoyed the visibility and instrumentation of our Peterbilt trucks. There was no question in their minds that CWS had made a com- mitment to every man and woman who spends their working day in one of our vehicles." All told, it's a remark- able road to success for the Duong family, Corona and CWS. "The presence of our Peterbilt equipment on our streets, in front of our homes, around our schools and offic- es — it all adds to the great American story that CWS has become," says Corona. Chief Operations Officer Joel Corona (black suit, center) gathers with the CWS team that drives and maintains a fleet of Model 320s. FC

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