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January 2016

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Celebrating our 32nd our 32nd our year of year of year publication • Visit us online at JANUARY JANUARY 2016 2016 JANUARY 2016 JANUARY JANUARY 2016 JANUARY lineal feet of feet of feet 20+ of 20+ of wood fence. of "outside visually bamboo hances of tractor, ect Miller, year vides Lakehouse to Lakehouse." Through said that he had received a brochure from Cali Bam- boo ® , a leading manufacturer of manufacturer of manufacturer green of green of building materials for residential for residential for and commercial projects made primarily from bamboo, including fence. Although he reorganized his of- fice several times, he never threw never threw never the brochure away. "Around the first of first of first the of the of year, a East Coast talking about of fenc- of fenc- of commodi- looking for would dif- everyone couple of that Cali that Cali that amboo brochure and called. I spoke with Jay Emel and Veety of Cali of Cali of Bamboo Fence was hooked. wood fence is really especially with the color it is it is it the greenest, building product of product of product planet." Fence became a Cali and was perfectly Blivas continued to product. referred to Miller, who with Hodges and Rich Meo- director of director of director environmental of environmental of ser- vices for Lakehouse. for Lakehouse. for A lengthy discussion took place took place took to go over bamboo over bamboo over colors, cane sizes and height. Cali Bamboo comes in a variety of heights, of heights, of colors and cane sizes. The 8' wide rolls can be natural, carbon- ized (a slightly darker brownish darker brownish darker tint) or black. These are actual colors, Miller noted, Miller noted, Miller and nothing is painted or stained. or stained. or The bamboo fence comes in ei- ther ¾ ther ¾ ther ", 1" or 2 or 2 or " diameter actual diameter actual diameter cane sizes. It was It was It decided that 1" natural color fence color fence color would be the perfect fit. perfect fit. perfect The natural color would color would color blend in perfectly with the wooded area and the 1" canes would be more than suffi- cient as cient as cient far as far as far strength was concerned, he said. Miller and Miller and Miller Meola then took a took a took golf cart and cart and cart left to left to left inspect the inspect the inspect fence line. As they approached the fence, Miller immediately realized that there that there that was a village continued on continued on continued page 8 with carbonized painted eco-friendliness. The bamboo The bamboo The further contributing further contributing further very limited very limited very choices limited choices limited of choices of choices posts of posts of system of system of system the of the of Australian the Australian the pines Australian pines Australian that pines that pines steel posts. steel posts. steel Coast Fence Coast Fence Coast & Fence & Fence Guardrail & Guardrail & photos) Guardrail photos) Guardrail Iron & Aluminum Panels, Slide & Swing Gates, Corrugated Steel Privacy Panels Manufactured In-House! Ship Anywhere in USA! CALL 1-888-487-3448 OR VISIT IRONWORLDFENCING.COM & Industrial Fencing Solutions Residential, Commercial & Industrial Fencing Solutions Residential, Commercial ORNAMENTAL IRON ORNAMENTAL IRON GOLDEN GATE IRON SLIDE AND SWING GATES ALUMINUM ALUMINUM IRON WORLD'S IRON CURTAIN STEEL BOARD PRIVACY PANELS PROVIDE BEST OF CLASS, PRIVACY, PROTECTION AND HIGH SECURITY!

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