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www.xtremecharge.com PulseTech's Solar Technology Solar Chargers for All 12-Volt and 24-Volt Lead-Acid Batteries SP-5 What's Included: • Solar Panel with 17' lead • Circuit Box with LED • 3' Heavy-duty Lead with Lugs SP-2 What's Included: • Solar Panel with 17' Lead • Circuit Box with LED • 3' Heavy-duty Lead with Lugs 11 SOLAR CHARGE: SolarPulse ® All of PulseTech's solar panels use the power of the sun combined with patented optimized high frequency pulsing circuitry to charge, maintain and condition batteries so they can accept, store and release maximum power when needed. Patented Pulse Technology im- poses high frequency pulsing cycles into batteries that work to break up and reduce both the number and size of per- formance robbing lead-sulfate crystals that form on all battery plates. The result is lead-acid batteries that maintain their state of charge much longer and accept re- charge more readily, dramatically extending battery life by as much as five times. Uniquely designed solar panels are made with highly efficient crystalline silicon cells that pack more power per square inch than standard amorphous "thin film" solar cells. These commercial-grade crystalline cells are 30% smaller per watt and twice as efficient as typical panels. Cells are en- capsulated and protected with a clear, polyurethane plastic coating mounted on a laminated aluminum substrate. This design makes them virtually inde- structible, impervious to weather conditions and re- sistant to damage from bumps and knocks. It also results in a panel that is up to 50% smaller and has a low mounting profile. These features allow for many installation options for outdoor vehicles and equipment. Our solar panels work with all types of lead-acid batteries including VRLA, AGM, gel and flooded cell. The choice depends on the vehicle or equipment's key off parasitic load plus the lead-acid battery voltage and configuration. It is important to choose the right solar panel for the amount of power needed and that will best fit the mounting location. The SP-2 2-watt panel has an output current of 250 mA and the SP-5 5-watt panel has an output current of 350 mA. A red LED will shine steadily when the solar panel is exposed to full sunlight and is connected properly to a battery. It will blink in partial sunlight and will go dark at night time. Panels feature heavy duty quick-disconnect terminals, four corner mounting grom- mets, weatherproof connectors and a 17' flexible power cable. 735X302 SP-2 2-Watt SolarPulse 735X305 SP-5 5-Watt SolarPulse 5X LONGER! B a tt e r i e s l as t u p t o Features Top of panel connector Cells powering pulse circuit Reinforced mounting holes Heavy-duty lugs Weatherproof connector Indicator LED When the solar panel is attached, the indica- tor light shines brightly when the solar panel is in full sunlight and working at optimum. The LED blinks when the panel is exposed to partial sunlight and goes out at night. A B C D E F A B B B B D E E F SOLARPULSE SP-5 SOLARPULSE SP-2 C 12V

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