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www.xtremecharge.com 10 TEST: Battery Analysis Tools 10 390PT 6V/12V Battery Tester • Determines state of charge, cold cranking amps (CCAs) and good/bad battery condition • Tests all 6-volt and 12-volt lead-acid batteries including VRLA, AGM, gel and flooded cell The 390PT Battery Tester quickly, safely and accurately tests 6-volt and 12- volt batteries both in and out of the vehicle. It also tests 12-volt and 24- volt starting and charging systems for proper operation. This tester uses combined single load, dynamic resistance technology and algorithms to determine and quickly display battery voltage and capacity (CCAs) in easy to understand results. A handy Quick Start Instruction guide is printed on the back of the tester. Use the 390PT to find battery and system issues before they become a problem. One-year limited warranty. 741X390 390PT Battery and System Tester 777-PT Battery Tester • Warranty code gener- ated after each test for tracking purposes • Built-in printer displays battery voltage and capacity The 777P-PT tests both 6-volt and 12-volt lead-acid batteries (VRLA, flooded, AGM and gel cell) as well as 12-volt and 24-volt charging systems. In a mat- ter of seconds, it displays the battery voltage, cold cranking amps (between 40-2000 CCA), condition of the battery (GOOD & PASS, GOOD & CHARGE, CHARGE & RETEST), state of health and state of charge. The single load, dy- namic resistance testing technology en- sures vehicle and equipment readiness. The backlit display is easy to read in any light. The battery tester comes with a high impact molded carry case. One-year limited warranty. 741X777 777P-PT Battery Tester w/Printer Test Battery Analysis Tools for Power Reliability Specifications Operation Range: 40 to 2000 CCA (SAE) Voltmeter Range: 1.5V to 30V Dimensions: 7.8"L x 4.5"W x 2.1"H Weight: 1.4 lbs Specifications Operation Range: 40 to 2000 CCA (SAE) Voltmeter Range: 1.5V to 30V Dimensions: 9.9"L x 5.1"W x 2.5"H Weight: 2.15 lbs Removable negative probe easily snaps back into place for storage or to test using quick- disconnect terminals. XC-822-TEST Quick Battery and Alternator Tester • Indicates battery's state of charge • Use directly on battery or remotely with quick-disconnect When basic battery and alternator information is needed quickly, the Quick Bat- tery and Alternator Tester is a fast, simple and safe tool to do just that. This tester instantly indicates a 12-volt battery's state of charge as 100%, 75%, 50% or 25%. It also performs a GO, NO/GO alternator test. Tip probes have a dual design that allows for remote or direct use. To use remotely, insert the test probes into the standard quick-disconnect connection without touching the battery posts. For direct use, remove the tip probes and touch the battery terminals directly. Colored LEDs display the results. The XC-822-TEST is compact in size and small enough to fit in a pocket, so can be taken anywhere. Ninety-day limited warranty. 100X822 XC-822-TEST Quick Battery Tester Specifications Dimensions: 4.75"L x 1"W x 0.6"H Weight: 1.5 oz. Battery Tester Selection Guide 390PT 777P-PT XC-822-TEST Test 6V Batteries 4 4 Test 12V Batteries 4 4 4 Test 12V Charging Systems 4 4 Test 24V Charging Systems 4 4 Built-in Printer 4 Molded Carrying Case 4

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