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Page 58 of 71 January/February 2016• Beverage Dynamics 59 Behn family, a leading German producer. The vodka is distilled from 100% wheat in the facility's state-of-the-art, six-column still. After distillation, the vodka is fi ltered three times in huge columns of activated charcoal. It is rendered to proof using pure, de-mineralized water and bottled at 40% ABV. Danzka is an excellent vodka, especially considering its modest price. It has a medium-weight body and a prominent bouquet of tangerines and grapefruits. The vodka rolls over the palate and fi lls the mouth with warmth, then gradually fades into a pleasant fi nish. NEW ARRIVALS When Pablo Picasso was asked what three things in life astonished him the most, he answered, "the blues, cubism and Polish vodka." He might have easily been speaking of potato-based Demidoff Ultra-Premium Vodka. Demidoff is produced in Southern Poland from certifi ed organic potatoes, which are taken to the distillery where they are fastidiously cleaned, inspected and left unpeeled. They are pressure-cooked, transferred to vats and allowed to slowly ferment over the course of three days. The fermented mash is sent through the continu- ous column still a total of four times. Each pass is designed to eliminate certain impurities. Brand owner Paul Man- tea insists that no expense has been spared in making Demidoff. "Craft distillation is all about the quality of the finished product," Mantea says. "We still make our vodka the same way it's always been made here for the past century or so - with real people making decisions about each distilla- tion run through our copper still. It's real vodka handcrafted by real people." Russian Standard hails from St. Petersburg and is among the bestselling brands of premium LEADING BRANDS OF IMPORTED VODKA, 2013-2014 (Thousands 9-Liter Cases) '13/'14 Brand Supplier Country 2013 2014 % Change Absolut Sweden Pernod Ricard USA 4,440 4,135 -6.9% Svedka Sweden Constellation Brands 3,950 4,080 3.3% Grey Goose France Bacardi USA 2,900 2,868 -1.1% Pinnacle Vodka France Beam Suntory 2,756 2,675 -2.9% Ketel One Vodka Netherlands Diageo/Nolet Spirits 2,150 2,175 1.2% Ciroc France Diageo 1,895 1,975 4.2% Stolichnaya Latvia Stoli Group USA 1,585 1,590 0.3% Three Olives UK Proximo Spirits 1,575 1,570 -0.3% Sobieski Poland Imperial Brands 995 835 -16.1% Exclusiv Moldova Serge Imports 565 627 11.0% Total Leading Brands 22,812 22,530 -1.2% Others 4,228 4,170 -1.4% Total Imported Vodka 27,040 26,700 -1.3% Source: 2015 Liquor Handbook.

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