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22 tobaccoasia / Issue 5, 2015December/January) By Eric Piras Once upon a time, smoking (even cigarette smoking) was the epitome of chic and so- phistication. The growing use of tobacco in the 20th century created a strong demand for accessories designed to facilitate smoking, which became objects of consumption in their own right. The universe of cigars is also and mostly a world of etiquette: selecting the correct cigar for the right time, the cutting and lighting "ceremonies", choosing the appropri- ate ashtray… The cigar world has extended its sophistication to its accessories, which can reflect their owners' sense of style as much as their choice in cars or clothes. From basic to high luxury, from widely available to tailor-made, the choice of cigar accessories just expands exponentially as time goes by, with a high number of brands on the market, catering to various budgets. Every aficionado has their own favorites and staying at the forefront of cigar accessories fashion can be an expensive game… but it's a game that seems widely played around the cigar lounges of Asia! Aficionados love to source the craziest, most unusual or hardest-to-find accessories and their ever-growing collections are amazing. Those of you who constantly lose or regularly "misplace" your lighters or cutters might might as well carry only branded cigar cutters, lighters, or matches, reasoning that they will contribute to the brands' exposure wherever they are forgotten! Humidors are probably the most visible and possibly the most expensive of ci- gar accessories. Though this column is not sufficient to cover them all, some famous names instantly come to mind. CIGAR ACCESSORIES: Vital to the Perfect Smoke

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