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1 Certain conditions and limitations apply. See the Michelin Owner's Manual for complete description and details. Mileage Warranty Conditions and Limitations DOT-Approved Competition Tires DOT-approved competition tires are excluded (e.g., MICHELIN ® Pilot ® Sport Cup tires). The Michelin Promise Plan ™ All MICHELIN ® passenger and light truck tires (replacement and original equipment) are covered by a limited warranty 1 for treadwear. MICHELIN WARRANTIES All of our warranties are designed to give your customers peace of mind. Ultra-High Performance Sport Tires TIRE NAME SPEED RATING TYPE LIMITED WARRANTY Pilot ® Sport A/S 3 H,V,W,Y All-Season 45k Pilot ® Sport A/s 3 + H,V,W,Y All-Season 45k Pilot ® Super Sport Y Summer 30k Pilot ® Sport PS2 ™ Y Summer 20k Pilot ® Sport 3 Y Summer 20k Touring Tires TIRE NAME SPEED RATING TYPE LIMITED WARRANTY Premier ® A/S H,V,W All-Season 60k Primacy ™ MXV4 ® * T,H,V All-Season 60k Primacy ™ MXM4 ® * H,V All-Season 55k Primacy ™ MXM4 ® * W All-Season 45k Primacy ™ MXM4 ® ZP * H,V All-Season 30k Pilot ® MXM4 ® H,V All-Season 50k Pilot ® MXM4 ® W All-Season 40k Pilot ® MXM4 ® PAX V All-Season 36k Pilot ® MXM4 ® ZP W All-Season 30k Energy ™ Saver H Summer 50k Energy ™ Saver V,W Summer 40k Primacy ™ HP H,V Summer 45k Primacy ™ HP WY Summer 35k Primacy ™ HP ZP V,W,Y Summer 30k Primacy ™ 3 V,W,Y Summer 35k Primacy ™ 3 ZP H,V,W,Y Summer 30k Pilot ® Primacy ™ W,Y Summer 30k Pilot ® Primacy ™ PAX W Summer 36k Split Fitments Some vehicles come from the vehicle manufacturer with "split fitments"– meaning different size tires on the front and rear axles. Because these tires cannot be rotated as recommended by Michelin, the mileage warranty on each rear tire will cover half the number of miles as the standard mileage warranty for that particular tire design. EXAMPLE: 2008 BMW M3, MICHELIN ® Pilot ® Sport PS2 ™ with 20,000-mile limited warranty Front: 245/40R18 (20,000 miles), Rear: 265/40R18 (10,000 miles) Original Equipment Tires Limited mileage warranties apply to tires that come as Original Equipment on model year 2011 and newer vehicles. Michelin Warranties 8

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