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Asymmetric Tread Design – Tread design uses different elements on either side of the tread to deliver specific performances. Banded at Zero (BAZ) Technology ™ – MICHELIN ® BAZ Technology ™ uses spiral- wrapped nylon strips applied in the tread area atop the steel belts at zero degrees. BAZ Technology ™ opposes centripetal forces that can cause tire distortion at high speeds. BAZ Technology ™ optimizes high-speed handling and durability. 1 Bi-Compound Technology – Bi-Compound Technology utilizes an endurance racing compound 2 in the outer tread and a rigid elastomer in the inner tread. 2 C3M Technology ™ – Manufacturing process that permits precise placement of different tire components and multiple rubber-tread compounds. Comfort Control Technology ™ – Uses precision manufacturing to ensure an ultra-high level of tire uniformity, while also employing powerful proprietary tread design software to minimize tread acoustics. EnergySaver Construction ™ – A combination of unique rubber compounds and tire architecture that helps reduce energy consumption (in the form of heat). European Performance Profile – Features a rounder shoulder shape designed to handle curves more predictably during aggressive driving. EverGrip ™ Technology – A revolutionary safety technology that combines an innovative tread groove design – it evolves instead of simply wearing down – with a high-traction tread compound to prolong safety on wet and snowy roads. Asymmetric Tread With EnergySaver Construction ™ Without EnergySaver Construction ™ BAZ Technology ™ High-Traction Compound WORN N E W Emerging Grooves GLOSSARY OF MICHELIN TERMS 1 Exceeding the safe, legal speed limit is neither recommended nor endorsed. 2 Tread compounds of the same family as Porsche Cup N2 racing slick tires. 3 Source: NHTSA report on rolling resistance. EverTread ™ Compound – This advanced compound uniquely blends the toughest polymers, resins and silica for exceptional wearlife and improved chip and tear resistance. Filament at Zero (FAZ) Technology ™ – Individual, spiral-wrapped nylon or aramid/ nylon reinforcing filaments that are precisely placed in specific portions or across the entire tread area atop the steel belts banded at zero degrees. Filament at Zero (FAZ) Technology ™ helps retain tire shape and also enhances ride quality and steering precision. FleX-Ice ™ Compound – FleX-Ice ™ compound is formulated to maintain its flexibility under the most extreme cold-weather conditions, including snow, slush, ice, wet and dry. Green X ® Technology – Reduces rolling resistance and increases fuel efficiency for less environmental impact. • What's rolling resistance? Every time a tire rotates, its shape conforms to the road surface and forms the contact patch, releasing energy in the form of heat. The result is rolling resistance. It can also be described as the energy required to turn the tire. The greater the rolling resistance, the harder the engine has to work. • Just a 10% reduction in rolling resistance can reduce fuel costs by 1% to 2% in most vehicles. 3 Helio Compound ™ – Rubber compound technology that contains natural sunflower oil. This formulation helps provide excellent grip by better dissipating the energy in the tread – even at low temperatures. Life Maximized Adherence ™ Compounding – A street-optimized compound that provides predictable handling, sustained levels of grip and excellent traction throughout the tire's life. FAZ Technology ™ Energy dissipation due to tire deformation Direction of rotation Use this section to find quick definitions of some of the terms and trademarks addressed in this brochure. Expanding Grooves 90 Glossary of Michelin Terms

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