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With MaxTouch Construction ™ Without MaxTouch Construction ™ MaxTouch Construction ™ – A unique tire shape and carcass design that more evenly distributes the forces of acceleration, braking and cornering throughout the contact patch – maximizing wear life. MICHELIN ® Total Performance ™ – Bringing multiple performances together with innovative technologies to deliver the total performance all drivers need – that's MICHELIN ® Total Performance. ™ MICHELIN ® PAX ® System – This is a run-flat technology that combines a unique tire, wheel, support ring, tire pressure monitoring system and specially formulated gel to enable continued mobility after a sudden loss of inflation pressure – the system is designed for operation at 55 mph for a range up to 125 miles. When in normal (inflated) operation, MICHELIN ® PAX ® System tires enhance road handling and driving comfort and reduce rolling resistance. Multi-Tread Compounding – Employs multiple compound types across the tread: on the outside for dry traction and on the inside for wet traction. R-Compounding – A racing-derived compound optimized for on-track performance and designed for maximized dry grip and repeated heat cycles. Silica-Based Tread Compound – A tread compound that combines a synthetic elastomer with silica granules for increased durability and exceptional grip on wet surfaces. Sipes: IntelliSipe ™ Technology – Maximizes the number of sipes and, with interlocking action, delivers long wear life by providing exceptional tread block rigidity. 2-D Active Sipes – A unique self-supporting construction that locks together for greater rigidity when traction is needed most. Multi-Tread Compound ™ Tread Block with Normal Sipes 2-D Active Sipes 3-D Active Sipes – Have a specially designed curve that locks the sipes in place, helping to provide improved grip on snow and ice. And because the sipes are full- depth, their grip lasts winter after winter. 3-D StabiliGrip Technology ™ – Bidirectional auto- blocking and variable geometry sipe edges that bite into snow and ice. Interlocking Active Sipes – Allow for additional Biting Edges ™ technology, needed for more grip in rain and snow, by locking together to provide increased traction when it is needed most. Variable Thickness Sipes Technology – Sipe design that has variable thickness built into the tread block. The benefit is enhanced transversal and longitudinal tread block rigidity for improved handling. TriFusion Compound ™ – Michelin's exclusive C3M Technology ™ manufacturing process makes it possible to precisely place three different types of rubber compounds across the tread of a tire. Twaron ® Belt – A high-density fiber used in the tread that delivers greater stability at high speed. Thanks to its variable tension, the Twaron ® belt grips the center of the tread more tightly than the shoulders. Because of this, centrifugal force is better controlled and forces are distributed more evenly, delivering increased stability. Variable Contact Patch – Maximizes the contact patch area during cornering through a combination of asymmetrical tread patterns and underlying belts. Zero Pressure Technology – MICHELIN ® Zero Pressure tires feature a reinforced sidewall that is designed to support the weight of your car after a loss of air pressure 4 – even with no air in the tire. MICHELIN ® Zero Pressure technology allows you to continue driving up to 50 miles at 55 mph, so you don't have to change a tire on the side of a busy highway. 4 MICHELIN ® self-supporting Zero Pressure (ZP) tires are to be used only with an operational, Michelin-approved, low-air-pressure warning system. 91 Glossary of Michelin Terms

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